ASykes Exam 2

  1. How many Paris theatres were there at Moliere's death? How many were there by 1697?
    5; 2
  2. What did the Comedie Francaise perform?
    Spoken drama
  3. What did the Opera perform?
    Original music dramas
  4. Who started the Encyclopedie?
    Andre le Breton
  5. How many articles were in the encyclopedie?
  6. Who were the primary editors of the Encyclopedie?
    Jean d'Alembert and Denis Diderot
  7. In the encyclopedie frontispiece, who pulls the veil from truth?
    Reason, Religion, and Metaphysics
  8. Who adorns Truth with garlands?
  9. Who sent a letter to D'Alembert defend Geneva's prohibition of theatre?
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  10. What 3 things did Rousseau say about theatre?
    1--theatre is unable to offer true moral instruction; 2--actors are debased figures incapable of moral reformation; 3--the public is better served by nontheatrical substitute performances
  11. What was Denis Diderot's 1757 play?
    Le Fils Naturel; The Illegitimate Son
  12. What was a dialogic introduction to the play defending Diderot's innovations?
  13. What did Diderot call for in his entretiens to Le Fils Naturel?
    1--Attention to verisimilitude based on the observation of life; 2--more focus on actor performance than playwright poetry; 3--Removal of the audience from the stage; 4--no more conventional scenery; 5--creation of blocking based on mise en scene
  14. What was Diderot's 1758 play?
    Le Pere de Famille; The Father of the Family
  15. What was the entretiens to La Pere de Famille?
    Discourse on Dramatic Poetry
  16. What are the four parts of Diderot's dramatic spectrum?
    1--traditional comedy; 2--comedie serieuse; 3--Drama bourgeois; 4--traditional tragedy
  17. What was the goal of traditional comedy?
    to ridicule vice and incite laughter
  18. What was the goal of comedie serieuse?
    to promote virtue and duty in a domestic situation
  19. What was the goal of drama bourgeois?
    to display misfortunes in a domestic situation
  20. What was the goal of traditional tragedy?
    to reveal public catastrophes in falls of great figures
  21. What was Diderot's text on acting?
    The Paradox of the Actor
  22. Did Diderot prefer mechanical acting or genuine acting?
  23. What was most popular in 18th-century pre-Italy?
  24. What was Italian opera trying to reproduce?
    Ancient Greek tragedy
  25. What is the earliest known opera?
  26. What is the first extant opera?
  27. What was the first famous Commedia Dell'Arte troupe?
    the Gelosi
  28. What were lazzi in commedia dell'arte?
    stock jokes
  29. What is the name of the young lovers who wore no masks?
  30. What is the name of the braggart soldier, who is boastful but cowardly?
  31. What is the name of the Merchant?
  32. What is the name of the scholar who speaks Latin nonsense?
  33. What were the servants called?
  34. Who was the master of the intrigue plot?
  35. Who was known for his cruel wit and athletic feats?
  36. Who wrote full texts of Commedia dell'arte?
    Carlo Goldoni
  37. Who called to keep commedia dell'arte as it was?
  38. What is the name for written texts with commedia traits?
  39. Who won the battle between Goldoni and Gozzi?
  40. What was the name of the German clown?
  41. Which German couple created theatre in Germany?
    Gottshed and Neuber
  42. What did Lessing think about Neoclassicism?
    Drama is served by attention to the spirit, not letter, of classical rules
  43. What theatre did Lessing create?
    The Hamburg National Theatre
  44. What was Lessing's famous text?
    The Hamburg Dramaturgy
  45. Who developed Weimar classicism with Friedrich Schiller, focusing on the idealization of theatre?
  46. What dynasty did the Mongols rule China under?
    the Yuan dynasty
  47. What was the Zaju tradition?
    Only one singer and one mode of songs per act
  48. What were the Southern Plays?
    Chinese opera that allowed multiple singers and mixed modes
  49. What came after the Yuan Dynasty and was ruled by the Chinese?
    Ming Dynasty
  50. Where did Chuanqi come from?
    The Southern Plays
  51. What began as an effort to make simple music of Kunshan province more sophisticated?
  52. After the Ming dynasty, the Manchu ruled China under what dynasty?
    Qing Dynasty
  53. What was the basis for Beijing Opera?
  54. What was the male in Beijing opera?
  55. What was the female in Beijing Opera?
  56. What was the painted face role in Beijing Opera?
  57. What was the clown role in Beijing Opera?
  58. Was Kabuki popular or elite?
  59. What was the origin of Okuni kabuki?
    the shamaness Okuni invokes the spirit of her former lover Nagoya Sanza, and they recount his murder
  60. What was woman kabuki called?
    Onna kabuki
  61. What was boy kabuki called?
  62. What was adult male kabuki called?
    Yaro kabuki
  63. What is the hero category of kabuki?
  64. What is the villain category of Kabuki?
  65. What is the female role of kabuki?
  66. What runs downstage through the audience?
    The hanamichi
  67. What types of Kabuki plays are there?
    Pure, Gidayu Kyogen, and Shosagoto
  68. What is kabuki written for the kabuki stage called?
    Pure Kabuki
  69. What is kabuki adapted from puppet theatre called?
    Gidayu Kyogen
  70. What were kabuki dance dramas called?
  71. Historical plots from feudal past are called?
  72. Contemporary plots from the Tokugawa era?
  73. What are the two aspects of kabuki text?
    1--shuko, the basic plot of the play; 2--sekai, the world of the play
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