English Vocab

  1. Argument
    the writers major assertion and the weight of the evidence on which it rest
  2. Hasty Generalization
    reasoning based on insufficient evidence, usually too few examples. logical fallacy
  3. Logical Fallacy
    an error in reasoning, a logical flaw that invalidates the argument
  4. Either-or Reasoning
    staking out 2 extremes as the only alternative and therefor, excluding anything in between. logical fallacy
  5. False Authority
    citing an expert on one subject as an expert on another. logical fallacy
  6. Ad Hominem
    name calling, smearing the person instead of attacking the argument. logical fallacy
  7. Post Hoc Reasoning
    assuming a casual relationship where a temporal one exist. logical fallacy
  8. Logos
  9. Ethos
  10. Pathos
  11. Non Sequitur
    literally it doesnt follow. no apparent link between points. logical fallacy
  12. False Analogy
    an analogy that doesnt stand up to logic. logical fallacy
  13. Begging the Question
    arguing off the point, changing direction. logical fallacy
  14. Shift in Definition
    changing the definition of a key term, a form of begging the question. logical fallacy
  15. Straw Man
    Attacking and destroying an irrelevant point instead of the main subject
  16. Deductive Reasoning
    reasoning that moves from the general to the particular, from the thesis to the evidence
  17. Inductive Reasoning
    reasoning that moves from the particular to the general, from the evidence to the thesis
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