Government Staar

  1. gov in which people elect representatives to make laws on their behalf
    representative government
  2. Document that outlines gov
  3. people in gov position are subjected to the same laws as other citizens
    limited government
  4. Political powers rests with the people who can abolish or alter gov. as the see fit
    popular soveignty
  5. rights all citizens possess; Bill of Rights
    Individual Rights
  6. people elect representatives to make laws for them
  7. the sharing of power between that state and the national government
  8. each branch of government has a specific function
    Separation of powers
  9. Power of the supreme court to rule an act of Congress unconstitutional
    Judicial review
  10. Plan that called for equal representation for all states in congress
    New Jersey Plan
  11. Plan that called for representation in Congress to be based on population
    Virginia plan
  12. Combination of NJ and VA plans; bicameral legislature would be established. The lower house would be based on population and the upper house would be equal representation
    Great Compromise
  13. Slaves would count as 3/5 person for representation in congress
    3/5 Compromise
  14. Branch of government that is headed by the President. They carry out the laws
    executive Branch
  15. Branch of government that is responsible for making laws; congress
    judicial branch
  16. Something that goes against the Constitution
  17. Branch of government that interprets the laws; the supreme court
    legislative branch
  18. the first 10 amendments of the constitution that outline individual rights for citizens
    Bill of Right's
  19. Abolish Slavery
    13th amendment
  20. Gave citizenship to all citizens regardless of race
    14th Amendment
  21. Gave African American men the right to vote
    15th Amendment
  22.  person who supported the ratification of the constitution
  23. person who wanted a Bill of Rights added to the Constitution before it could be ratified
  24. Political party founded by Alexander Hamilton. they wanted an industrialized economy and a strong national/central government
    Federalist Party
  25. Political Party founded by Thomas Jefferson. They wanted a strong State gov. and an agricultural economy
    Democratic-Republican Party
  26. Political party started by Andrew Jackson- the party of the "common man". This is the present day ******* Party
    Democratic Party
  27. Political party founded in 1854. They were founded as anti-slavery party. Abraham Lincoln was the first of them.
    Republican Party
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