Cardiovascular system

  1. What is Cardiac Output?
    Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped from one of the ventricles each minute
  2. How is cardiac output defined?
    • stroke volume x heart rate
    • Co= SVxHR
    • Co=70ml X 75= 5250ml or 5.2 liters
  3. What is normal resting cardiac output
    5.2 liters
  4. What is  Stroke Volume?
    The volume of blood ejected by the  ventricle each contraction
  5. What is cardiac reserve?
    The difference between a person's maximum cardiac output and the a person's  cardiac output at rest
  6. What is the average cardiac output reserve for most people?
    4-5 times greater then resting reserve
  7. What is the cardiac reserve for most athletes?
    7-8 times greater then resting value
  8. how do you define stroke volume?
    need to figure out
  9. What three factors regulate stroke volume?
    • 1-preload
    • 2-contractibility
    • 3-afterload
  10. What is preload?
    The degree of stretch before the heart contracts
  11. What is contractility?
    The forcefulness of contraction of individual ventricular muscle fibers
  12. What is afterload?
    The pressure that must be exceeded before ejection of blood from the ventricles can occur
  13. What is Frank-Starling law of the heart?
    The more the heart fills with blood during diastole, the greater the force of contraction during systole
  14. What two factors determine End Diastolic Volume? EDV
    • 1-duration of ventricular diastole
    • 2-venous return, the volume of blood returning to the right ventricle
  15. What is the normal afterload in the aorta?
  16. What is the afterload of the pulmonary trunk?
    20mmHg in the pulmonary trunk
  17. What three factors regulate heart rate?
    • 1-Autonomic Nervous system
    • 2-Chemicals
    • 3-Other factors, such as age, gender and body temperature
  18. what part of the nervous system controls heart rate?
    The cardiovascular control center in the medulla oblongata,though sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
  19. What cranial nerve carries the 411 to the heart from the nervous system?
    Vagus Nerve
  20. Where is the cardiovascular center located in the body?
    In the medulla oblongata
  21. What chemicals and ions regulate heart rate?
    hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, thyroid hormone and ions such K+, Ca++ and Ca+
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