SAT Vocab Set #9

  1. Haphazard
    without plan or direction
  2. Harangue
    a long, lecturing speech
  3. Harbor
    to provide shelter or refuge; hide
  4. Hardy
    bold; brave; capable of withstanding harsh conditions
  5. Hedge
    to avoid giving a clear answer, thereby escaping responsibility or blame
  6. Heed
    notice; pay attention to
  7. Heinous
    shockingly evil
  8. Heresy
    an opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas
  9. Hiatus
    gap; interruption; a break in teh continuity of a process; a pausee
  10. Hierarchy
    a group of people in authority, ranked in order of power; a sequential listing
  11. Homage
    respect paid to someone or something; tribute; honor
  12. Homogeneous
    the same throughout; consistent; uniform
  13. Hyperbole
    extreme exaggeration
  14. Hypocrite
    an insincere person; one who pretends to have feelings he doesn't really possess
  15. Idolatry
    the worship of objects or people as gods
  16. Imbue
    to fill, as with a strong dye or a strong feeling
  17. Imminent
    about to take place; happening soon
  18. Immutable
    unable to change
  19. Impair
    weaken in strength or value
  20. Impasse
    a situation from which you cannot escape; stalemate
  21. Impassive
    without feeling; expressionless
  22. Impede
    get in the way; hinder
  23. Impetuous
    making quick decisions and taking sudden action; hasty; impulsive
  24. Impostor
  25. Impudence
    rudeness; insolence
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #9
SAT Vocab Set #9