SAT Vocab Set #8

  1. Fervor
    strong passion
  2. Fickle
    lacking loyalty; unpredictably changeable; erratic
  3. Flaccid
    lacking firmness; soft; limp
  4. Flagrant
    openly and obviously evil; glaring; conspicuous
  5. Fledgling
  6. Flippancy
    treating a serious situation with arrogant humor or disrespect
  7. Foment
    to stire into action; rouse; incite
  8. Foresight
    the ability to see ahead, anticipate, or predict
  9. Frugal
    careful with money; thrifty
  10. Fulminate
    to explode, either with sound or anger
  11. Furtive
    sneaky; secretive
  12. Futile
    hopelessly ineffective; useless; in vain
  13. Garbled
    changed so much that the original meaning has been distorted; scrambled
  14. Garish
    flashy; gaudy
  15. Garner
    collect; gather; accumulate; earn
  16. Garrulous
    very talkative; loquacious
  17. Genial
    friendly; gracious; kind
  18. Germane
    relevant; fitting
  19. Girth
    distance around an object; circumference
  20. Glutton
    a person who consumes huge quantities of food or drink; someone with great endurance
  21. Gravity
  22. Gregarious
    sociable; extroverted; enjoying companionship
  23. Gullible
    easily deceived
  24. Hackneyed
    unoriginal; trite
  25. Hamper
    interfere with movement or progress
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #8
SAT Vocab Set #8