International MGT Lesson Quiz 1

  1. What are trompenaar's Value dimensions?
    Universalism, particularism,
  2. International Management?
    process of developing strategies, designing, and operating systems, working with people to ensure competitive advantage
  3. Two major groups of institutions?
    World Trade Organization and International Labor Organization
  4. China's reason for growth?
  5. India's reason for growth?
    Lack of government
  6. Why is Australia so well off?
    Global trade with China
  7. NAFTA?
    North American Free Trade Agreement, purpose is to bring faster growth, more jobs, and better working conditions
  8. CAFTA?
    Central America Free Trade Agreement
  9. Members of CAFTA?

    • Costa Rica
    • Honduras
    • El Salvador
    • Nicaragua
    • Guatemala
  10. UAB?
    Most competitive economy in the world
  11. Information technology?
    largest development
  12. What parts to assess in the environment?
    Political, economic, legal environment, and technological
  13. What is economic risk?
    country's ability to meets its financial obligations
  14. What is culture according to international management?
    Values, understandings, assumptions, and goals passed along through generations and imposed by members of a society
  15. Why do manager develop cultural sensitivity?
    to accommodate behavioral differences
  16. Parochialism?
    a managers techniques are best given any situation
  17. What are hofsteds 4 value dimensions?
    power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and masculinity
  18. Trompenaars four dimensions?
    obligation, emotional orientation, privacy, and source of power and status
  19. Globe project?
    assertiveness, performance orientation, future orientation, and humane orientation

    (found clusters on nine dimensions)
  20. On the job conflicts?
    conflicting values, orientations regarding time, change, material factors, and individualism
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International MGT Lesson Quiz 1
International MGT Lesson Quiz 1