Osmosis and Tonicity

  1. What is osmosis?
    The movement of water across membrane to an area of higher solute concentration i.e. up a concentration gradient.
  2. What is hydrostatic pressure?
    The pressure exerted by a liquid on the walls of its container.
  3. What is osmotic pressure?
    The hydrostatic pressure caused by the difference in solute concentration in solutions separated by a semi permeable membrane.
  4. What does tonicity refer?
    The osmotic pressure gradient between two solutions separated by a semipermeable membrane.
  5. What is an isotonic solution?
    A solution with the same tonicity as the inside the cell; the concentration of solutes in both solutions is the same.
  6. What is a hypertonic solution?
    A solution with a higher solute concentration that in the cell, it has lower osmotic pressure than that in the cell and draws water away from the cell.
  7. What is a hypotonic solution?
    A hypotonic solution as higher osmotic pressure than that within the cell due to a lower concentration of solutes. It will cause a movement of water into the cell.
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Osmosis and Tonicity
Osmosis and Tonicity