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  1. What must our actions not do to other road user?
    Make them slow down (Unless we have priority), swerve or swear.

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  2. What does the last M stand for in the MSM routine? and explain what it means.
    Manoeuvre, any change in speed or direction.

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  3. What is the difference between a solid white line on the road at a T junction and a double broken line?
    You must STOP at a solid white line, you may proceed without stopping at a double broken line if it is safe.

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  4. Who is responsible for making sure people have their seat belts on?
    The driver for himself and for anybody under 14.
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  5. What must we check our seat belt hasn't got in before we drive off? and why?
    • Any twists.
    • The seat belt would dig in deeper and cause more bruising if we had an accident.

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  6. Before pulling over to park, what mirrors must we check and what are we looking for?
    • Middle mirror first, looking to see how far away cars are behind us, this will affect the time and distance of our braking.
    • Left mirror, looking for any hazards such as bicycles or motorbikes.

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  7. What routine do we use for moving off from the side of the road? and what does it mean?
    • POM
    • Prepare, clutch down, into first, set gas, find bite.
    • Observe, look all around checking blind spots, starting nearest the kerb, end looking over right shoulder.
    • Move, handbrake of, feet still, clutch up slowly

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  8. How much notice must you give if you want to cancel your lesson and not be charged?
    24hrs notice please to allow to try and fill the slot. This is my living not a hobby, no work no pay!
  9. When coming to a stop, what peddle must we put fully down to prevent stalling the car?
    • The clutch.
    • But not to early as we want to use the braking affect of the engine to help us slow down.

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  10. What must we match up with the speed of the car/
    The correct gear.

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  11. What speed is 3rd gear for?

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  12. What speed is second gear for?

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  13. What speed is 1st gear for?

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  14. Why is it of benefit to check our mirrors and signal in good time before turning left / right or braking?
    It gives us more time to asses what other road users are doing and our signal in good time allows other road users to know what we are doing.

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  15. When doing our observations before pulling away from the side of the road, which shoulder / blind spot we look over last and why?
    • Normally parked on the left hand side of the road we would check our right shoulder / blind spot last.
    • This is were we would find the fastest moving hazards.

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  16. How would seeing a car very close to us in our rear view mirror affect the timing and distance of our braking.
    We would brake earlier and for longer to give the other car plenty of time to pull back.

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  17. How can you tell if your seat is correctly setup for you?
    • You should have a slight bend in the left knee when the clutch is pushed all the way down.
    • you should have a slight bend in your arms when holding the steering wheel at the 10 t0 2 position.
    • The middle of the headrest should be in line withe your eyes or ears.

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  18. When we have  pulled over to park, what must we do before we can relax? and why?
    • Handbrake on, car in neutral.
    • If we don't put the handbrake on first and our left foot slips off the clutch the car could move forward.

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  19. What safety check must we make before starting the engine? and why?
    • Handbrake is on and car in neutral.
    • If the handbrake wasnt on and the car in gear it could move forward when we start the engine.

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  20. How far away from a parked car should we be as we pass it? And why?
    • 1 meter or a doors width.
    • Safety margin should they open their door.

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  21. When driving, how far away from the kerb should we be if the road width allows?
    • A doors width, 1 meter.
    • This gives us a safety margin if people should fall into the road.

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  22. How far away from the kerb should we be when we pull up to park?
    A steering wheels width.

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  23. Whats the difference between the middle mirror and the door mirrors?
    • The middle mirror is a flat piece of glass and give a true representation of how far away other road users are.
    • The door mirrors are convexed and make objects look further away.

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  24. Who is responsible for making sure the doors are closed? And How can you check they are closed?
    • The driver.
    • Check by looking in the door mirrors to see if they are flush.

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  25. What is the cockpit drill? in the right order!
    Doors, Seat, Mirrors, Seat belt, Fuel

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