Level 2A Grammar

  1.  Formal - Present
    to look
    to run
    • -으시- / 시
    • 보세요
    • 닫으세요
  2. Formal - present
    To be (after consonnants)
    To be (after voyel)
    • 선생님이세요
    • 의사세요
  3. Formal - past
    to get
    to go
    • 받으셨어요
    • 가셨어요
  4. Formal - Future
    to get
    to go
    • 받으실 거예요
    • 가실 거예요
  5. Formal - Special
    to be somewhere (person location)
    to eat (2)
    to drink
    to sleep
    to speak
    • 계세요
    • 드세요, 잡수세요
    • 드세요
    • 주무세요
    • 말씀하세요
  6. To offer service/help with respect (without respect)
    • -아/어 드릴게요 (-아/어 줄개요)
    • The subject is always the speaker (I, we)
  7. someone/something is not
    ex: it's not a hat
    • -이/가 아니에요
    • 모자가 아니에요
  8. - ing (action in progress)
    ex: to look and to listen
    • -고 있어요
    • 보고 있어요
    • 듣고 있어요
  9. after doing something / after something happens
    ex: after eating lunch I drink coffee
    • -ㄴ/은 다음에
    • 점짐을 먹은 다음에 커피를 마셔요
  10. in order to do some action (express purpose or intention of an action)
    ex: Andy in order to eat bread washes his hands
    • -으려고 : 앤디씨가 빵을 먹으려고 손을 씻어요
    • Attention Subject before and after-으려고 must be the same 
    • Tense at the end of the sentence
    • Cannot be a suggestion
    • -으러 similar but only with 가다/오다 and affiliate
  11. when or while... (express time occurence of an action)
    ex: when I lived in china I traveled a lot
    • -을 때
    • 중국에서 살때 여행 많이 했어요
  12. express an action that is done of occur before
    ex: before eating a dish i wash my hands
    • -기 전에
    • 음식을 먹기 전에 손을 씻어요
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