Network+ Certification Study Guide Ch 1-4 (Quiz)

  1. An organization the shares devices, saves__.

    D) All of the above
  2. Networks enable multiple users to share devices & data that collectively, are refered to as the network's___.

    C) Resources
  3. The peer-to-peer network is an example of a __ network.

    C) Local area
  4. What is not true about peer-to-peer networks?

    B) 1 PC has more authority than the other.
  5. Which is not true about networks?

    D) None of the above.
  6. Peer-to-peer network are __.

    A) Often used in environments where technical expertise is scarce.
  7. Peer-to-peer networks are not__?

    C) Flexible
  8. LANs involving many ___ are usually server-based.

    A) computers
  9. On a served-based network, special computers known as ___, process data for & facilitate communications between the other computers on the network.

    C) servers
  10. Which would not qualify as a network-operating system? (NOS)

    C) Windows 98
  11. The term ____ refers to a networking model in which clients use a central server to share applications, devices, & data.

    A) client/server architecture
  12. Which is not true?

    A) Clients on a network cannot run apps from their local hard disks.
  13. The ___ is an example of a very intricate & extensive WAN that spans the globe.

    D) Internet
  14. The figure below depicts a(n) ___.
    Image Upload 2

    A) simple WAN
  15. The following figure depicts a(n) __.
    Image Upload 4

    A) complex network
  16. The device that enables a workstation to connect to the network is called a(n) ___.

    A) network interface card
  17. Which is true?

    C) A client can act as a server.
  18. The physical layout of a PC network is called the ___?

    B) topology
  19. ___ ensure(s) that data are transferred whole, in sequence, & w/out error from 1 node on the network to another.

    B) Protocol
  20. ___ are distinct units of data that are transmitted from 1 PC on a network to another.

    D) All of the above
  21. What is not an example of transmission media?

    D) none of the above
  22. ___ refers to the capabilities of a server to share data files, apps, & disk storage space.

    B) File services
  23. A server that provides file services is called a(n) ___>

    A) file server
  24. Communications servers are also referred to as ___ servers.

    A) access
  25. ____servers allow external users to use network resources & devices just as if they were logged in to a workstation in the office.

    D) Communications
  26. In Windows NT, the communications software is know as __.

    B) Remote Access Server
  27. In NetWare, the communication software is know as __.

    D) Network Access Server
  28. Mail services typically do not include ___.

    D) none of the above
  29. Mail services require a significant commitment of technical support & administration resouces due to their ___.

    C) heavy use
  30. Distributing processing activity evenly across a network so that no single device becomes overwhelmed, is handled by the ___ service.

    A) load balancing
  31. The ___ service determines when a network componet fails.

    A) hardware diagnosis
  32. The Computing Technology Industry Association established the ___ certification.

    C) Net +
  33. If you want to become a PC technician, you should attain the ___ certification.

    C) A+
  34. If you want to specialize in Novell networking product support & administration, you should attain the __ certification.

    D) CNE
  35. Which is not true about finding a job in networking?

    B) When looking at an ad, you should only apply for positions for which you have all the qualifications required.
  36. The OSI reference model divides networking architecture into __ layers.

    C) 7
  37. IEEE is an international society composed of ___ professionals.

    B) engineering
  38. ___ is not involved in setting standards for ISDN communications.

    C) EIA
  39. ____'s goal is the establish international technological standards to facilitate global exchange of infomation & barrier-free trade.

    D) ISO
  40. About ___ of ISO's nearly 12,000 standards apply to computer-related products & functions.

    A) 500
  41. The ___ regulates international telecommunications.

    B) ITO
  42. In the ___ ISO began to work on the OSI model.

    B) early 1980s
  43. The OSI model is a theoretical representation of what happens between ___ nodes in a network.

    C) 2
  44. The OSI model ____.

    D) None of the above.
  45. The Physical layer does not ___.

    B) provide error correction services.
  46. The primary function of the ___ layer is to divide data it receives from the Network layer into distinct frames that can then be transmitted by the Physical layer.

    D) Data Link
  47. Ethernet is an example of a ___ layer technology.

    B) Data Link
  48. ___ refers to the process of decreasing the size of the data units when moving data from a network segment that can handle larger data units to a network segment that can handel only smaller data units.

    D) Segmentation
  49. ____ is the process of reconstructing the segmented data units.

    D) Reassembly
  50. Which is not preformed in the Network layer?

    C) sequencing
  51. The ___ layer is primarily responsible for ensuring that data are transferred form point A to point B reliably, in the correct sequence, & w/out errors.

    B) Transport
  52. Flow control is handled in the ___ layer.

    D) Transport
  53. Transport layer services break arbitrily long packets into ___.

    D) the maximum size that the type network in use can handle.
  54. If you insert a NIC but fail to seat it deeply enough in the computer's circuit board, your computer will experience network problems at the ___ layer.

    C) Physical
  55. The Data Link layer accomplishes the jobs of finding out if information has been dropped & asking for a retransmission, by the ___ process.

    A) error checking
  56. Error checking & control info ensures that a(n) ___ arrives w/out any problems.

    A) frame
  57. The "C" in TCP stands for ___.

    C) Control
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