SAT Vocab Set #6

  1. Discerning
    insightful; perceptive
  2. Disclose
    provide information; reveal
  3. Discord
    disagreement; dissonance
  4. Discourse
    exchange of ideas; conversation
  5. Disdaine
    a feeling of scorn or contempt
  6. Disparage
    say negative things; belittle
  7. Disparate
  8. Disperse
    spreading around; scatter
  9. Dissent
    to disagree, esp. with the majority, or with an authority
  10. Dissolution
    separation into parts; the process of dissolving
  11. Distended
    swollen; extended
  12. Divergence
    act of splitting off into different directions
  13. Diverse
    different; various
  14. Dogmatic
    sticking to widely-accepted beliefs, even when faced with contrary evidence; closed-minded
  15. Doleful
    extremely sad
  16. Eccentric
    different from most, esp. in personality or behavior
  17. Eclectic
    choosing from many different sources; carefully selective
  18. Efface
  19. Effervescence
    the quality of being bubbly or full of life
  20. Efficacy
    the ability to produce desired results
  21. Elated
    extremely happy; overjoyed
  22. Eloquence
    powerfully effective speech
  23. Embellish
    to make more beautiful; decorate; adorn
  24. Emulate
  25. Endemic
    native to a particular country or among a particular group
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #6
SAT Vocab Set #6