SAT Vocab Set #5

  1. Cordial
    friendly; welcoming; gracious
  2. Corporeal
    having to do with the body or the physical world
  3. Corroborate
    support with evidence; tell the same story; confirm
  4. Criteria
    requirements or standards used to make a decision
  5. Cryptic
    hidden; secret; mysterious
  6. Culpable
    guilty; blameworthy
  7. Cupidity
    greed, especially for money
  8. Cursory
    quickly and incompletely done; superficial
  9. Daunted
    dismayed; disheartened; discouraged (made less courageous)
  10. Decadence
    moral decay or decline
  11. Defame
    to say things harmful to a person's reputation; malign; vilify
  12. Deference
    the act of yielding to someone else out of respect
  13. Denounce
    criticize; condemn
  14. Depleted
    emptied; drained; used up
  15. Deplore
    to express regret or disapproval; complain; criticize
  16. Deprecate
    disapprove; belittle
  17. Deride
    make fun of; ridicule
  18. Despondent
    feeling hopeless or depressed
  19. Despot
  20. Destitute
    poor; lcaking possessions
  21. Desultory
    lacking a plan; aimless
  22. Dexterity
    high level of skill, especially with the hands; adroitness
  23. Diatribe
    a bitterly critical speech
  24. Digress
    to move away from teh main topic when writing or speaking; to go off on a tangent
  25. Dilatory
    causing lateness; stalling
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #5
SAT Vocab Set #5