SAT Vocab Set #4

  1. Circumscribe
    draw a line around; define limits; confine; restrict
  2. Circumspect
  3. Clemency
  4. Cloister
    secluded or isolated from the outside world; also, a place of seclusion
  5. Coalesce
    unite; grow together
  6. Coerce
    to force someone by threatening or physically overpowering him
  7. Complacent
    self-satisfied; unconcerned
  8. Compliant
    following someone else's demands; conforming; obeying
  9. Composure
    calmness; equanimity
  10. Concede
    admit reluctantly; yield
  11. Concise
    short and to the point; terse
  12. Concur
  13. Condone
    to overlook, excuse, or pardon
  14. Confound
    to mix up (in your own mind); or, to confuse someone else
  15. Consonance
    a blending of sounds or opinions; harmony; agreement
  16. Consummate
    to complete or make whole
  17. Contend
    to argue a point or position; or, to struggle for
  18. Contingent
    dependent upon other circumstance; conditional
  19. Contract
    squeeze together; shrink
  20. Contrite
    sorry; penitent
  21. Conundrum
    riddle; mystery
  22. Converge
    move together to meet at a common point
  23. Conviction
    an opinion that is strongly held
  24. Convivial
    fond of parties; sociable
  25. Copious
    in large quantity; abundant
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #4
SAT Vocab Set #4