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  1. The control center of the cell that directs nearly all metabolic activities is the
    endoplasmic reticulum
  2. A type of arthritis-related condition that affects the muscles instead of the joints is called
  3. Risk factors for diabetes include all of the following
    • high cholesterol
    • hypertension
    • smoking
  4. What are some effects of the parasympathetic nervous system?
    • increased gastrointestinal motility
    • decreased heart rate
    • decreased blood pressure
  5. The most numerous blood cells with the function of transporting oxygen
    and a small amount of carbon dioxide in the blood are called
  6. Oxygen attaches to ____ in order to be transported in the blood stream
  7. When a pathogen is absorbed rather than "eaten" by cells, the process is known as
  8. The valves located between both ventricles and their adjacent arteries are called the
    semilunar valves
  9. the valves between the right atrium and right ventricles areĀ  called the
    tricuspid valve
  10. The valves that is between the left atrium and left ventricle is the
    mitral valve or bicuspid valve
  11. the valve that is between the left ventricle and the aorta is the
    aortic valve
  12. the three layers of arteries are
    • tunica intima
    • media
    • adventitia
  13. the three layers of protection around the the brain and spinal cord are
    • pia mater
    • arachnoid mater
    • dura mater
  14. The expansion and return of the arteries caused by the cardiac cycle is called
  15. What techniques would best benefit an amputee when massaging the stump?
  16. External and internal respiration takes place by which mechanism?
  17. Nestled in spherical pockets on the superior and lateral surfaces of the tongue are the
    gustatory organs
  18. Gas exchange between the blood and the tissues is called
    Tissue respiration or aka internal respiration
  19. the transfer of molecules such as oxygen, from an area of higher concentration to an area of low concentration is called
  20. As urine is formed, it is collected in tubules and routed into a larger papillary duct called the
    duct of Bellini
  21. When performing METs, the client pushes against the therapist using how much force?
  22. Assessment of an athlete should occur during
    post event massage only
  23. PNF and MET are very similar stretching methods, however there are differences. What are (is) the difference(s)?
    PNF is not as safe to use on those with high blood pressure
  24. Hormones that regulate the growth and secretory activity of other endocrine glands are called
    trophic hormones
  25. When massaging an injured limb, it is best to
    massage proximal to the injury
  26. The two urinary bladder structures that allow for expansion are the
    rugae and transitional epithelium
  27. the flattened part of the vertebral arch is called the
  28. the most common fracture with osteoporosis is
    compression fracture
  29. If a client has osteoporosis, what modifications if any should be made for his/her massage?
    lighter tissue work is necessary
  30. The funnel-shaped pouch surrounding the glomuerulus is called the
    renal capsule or aka bowman's capusle
  31. another name for the throat is
  32. the largest and most complex joint in the body is the
  33. Calcitonin is produced by the
    parathyroid gland
  34. The sensory receptors stimulated by both tension and excessive stretch
    and that activate an inhibitory response in the motor neuron are called
    Golgi tendons
  35. The joint that is also known as the coxal joint is the
    acetabulofemoral joint
  36. The type of stretching where the goal is a temporary lengthening of the muscle is called
    elastic elongation
  37. The type of stretching where permanent lengthening of the muscle is the goal is called
    plastic elongation
  38. The adductor longus originates on the
    anterior pubic bone
  39. The tibialis anterior performs what action(s)?
    both inversion and dorsiflexion
  40. what muscle is the longest muscle in the body?
  41. In the 5-element theory of Eastern Medicine, the earth element consists of what yin component?
  42. In the five-element theory of Eastern Medicine, the lung is
  43. In the five-element theory of Eastern Medicine, the stomach is
  44. In the five-element theory of Eastern Medicine, the bladder is
  45. Which meridian energy is related more to mental stress and blood purification?
  46. In Oriental medicine, the anatomical position is different from Western medicine because
    the arms are above the head
  47. How are the governing and conception vessels brought together?
    By touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth
  48. The stimulus at which the first noticeable muscle contraction occurs is called the
    reflexive stimulus
  49. Another term for valgus knees is
    knocked kneed
  50. The muscles that perform internal (medial) rotation of the humerus are
    pectoralis major, subscapularis, latissimus dorsi
  51. the muscle that flex the hip is the
  52. Rectus femoris is the only quadriceps muscle the
  53. biceps femoris is a hamstring muscle and extends the
  54. Vastus lateralis is a quad muscle, but only extends the
  55. For a massage client with cystic fibrosis, what two massage techniques are most beneficial to help loosen phlegm?
    tapotement and vibration
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