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  1. when is Hurricane season?
    June 1 - November 30
  2. When is the Regional HURREX drill?
    May 26-29
  3. When is Personnel Accountability drill?
    May 4-14
  4. When is the Major Disaster Exercises (internal and external) held?
    Twice a year, as a minimum
  5. What should all military and civilian personnel do upon receipt of the Disaster Plan?
    Become familiar with their responsibilities
    • Emergency leave is only granted in cases of death or serious illness or injury of an immediate family member (parents, siblings, children or person standing in "Loco Parentis" of service members or spouse
    • Loco Parentis is DOD Directive 1327.5, which states that a grandparent or another person is not normally considered to have stood in place of a parent when one of the parents also lived at the residense.
    • If the criteria above is met for emergency leave, the navy will FUND round-trip transportation cost for members, and, if desired, all command-sponsored dependents, from Honolulu to the nearest port of debarkation (West Coast) or all the way to the emergency situation locale, if the ciast is the same or less.
    • The XO is the approving authority for emergency leave, however, if the XO can not be reached, the CDO has authority to grant emergency leave.
    • The DTS/TAD coordinator will coordinate with SATO to ticketing and prepare TAD orders.
  7. What is the Physical Security instruction?
    ATGMPINST 5530.1D
    • The regional coordinator for all area physical security emergencies. All conditions requiring security forces, threat conditions or crisis response will be coordinated by the Regional Coordinator.
    • AFTER HOURS - report security breaches to Naval Station Base Police and then ATGMP CO, XO, Physical Security Officer, to include all incidents.
    • SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE - contact the ATGMP CO, CDO, Physical Security Officer. CDO will contact NAVSTA CDO at 864-2460
    • PHONE BOMB THREAT - keep caller on the phone, complete the OPNAV 5527/8 located by all phones. Notify ATGMP CO, CDO, and Physical Security Officer. CDO will notify NAVSTA CDO at 864-2460
  9. What is an Intrusion Detection System?
    • IDS is a system that alerts base security officials.
    • Base security, in turn, will notify the CDO/ACDO.
    • It is then the responsibility of the CDO to come to the bldg to come to the bldg and check all entrances as well as the interior of the bldg.
    • Once the bldg has been searched, CDO will respond back to security informing them of their findings and to reset all alarms.
  10. What are the different Force Protection Conditions?
    • Normal - no known threat
    • Alpha - general threat of possible terrorist activity. The exact nature and extent are unpredictable.
    • Bravo - increased and more predictable threat of terrorist activity exist.
    • Charlie - incident has occurred or when intelligence is received indicating that some form of terrorist activity is imminent.
    • Delta - terrorist attack has occurred, or when intelligence indicates that a terrorist attack against a specific location is likely
  11. What is the CDO phone number?
    (808) 226-6164
  12. What do you do during an emergency event?
    • A phone tree will be establish by the CDO.
    • The CDO will notify the CO, XO, and Department Heads (military and civilian).
    • The CDO will ensure that the chain of command is aware of the emergency and what actions are required for the department heads.
    • the CDO will keep the CO and XO apprised of the status of the notifications process
  13. What are Department Heads responsibilities?
    • Responsible for establishing a phone tree for their departments to ensure that the information can be passed as quickly as possible to each command member.
    • Required to notify the CDO as to the status of the notification and to inform the CDO when their entire department has been notified.
  14. What do you do when the phone system goes down?
    • Cell phones will be used as an alternative.
    • Messengers will be used during normal working hours in and around ATG MIDPAC as necessary.
    • After normal working hours the primary means of communication will be cell phones, this process will be slow as the cell phone towers will be overcome by calls.
    • In the event that you are not able to get through on the cell phone, send a text message as these have the ability to stay in the phone queue longer that a call.
    • Continue to try to get through on the cell phone but be mindful of the battery life of a cell phone.
  15. Who ae the personnel authorized to release outgoing messages IAW ATGMPNOTE 2300?
    • CAPT Figurez - all message release authority
    • CDR Long - all message release authority
    • CWO4 Villanueva - Supply/LOG
    • Lt. Kemp - topside
    • LCDR Shwarz - combat systems
    • LCDR Javier - engineering
    • CDR Valdez - operations
    • Mr. Grenfell - admin/computer
    • Mrs. Suan - scheduling
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