Chapter 15

  1. T or F:

    Technology-based training is an appropriate training method when staff works in different locations
  2. T or F:

    Staff does not require further food safety training if they received initial training when they were hired
  3. T or F:

    When using videos as a self-study training method, you should supply staff with print materials as a supplement
  4. T or F:

    It is important for legal reasons to keep records of food safety training conducted at the establishment
  5. T or F:

    It is the manager's responsibility to provide staff with food safety training
  6. How can an establishment determine its food safety needs?
    • 1. Testing employees' food safety knowledge
    • 2. Observing employee job performance
    • 3. Questioning or surveying employees to identify areas of weakness
  7. What are some method used to deliver training?
    • 1. OJT
    • 2. Classroom training
    • 3. Information search
    • 4. Guided discussion
    • 5. Jigsaw design
    • 6. Demonstration
    • 7. Role-play
    • 8. Technology-based training
    • 9. Training videosn & DVD's
    • 10.Games
  8. What are some situations where technology-based training would be appropriate?
    • 1. Staff works in different locations
    • 2. Need the same training at different times
    • 3. Staff needs retraining to complete a topic
    • 4. Staff has different levels of knowledge about a topic
    • 5. Staff has different learning skills
  9. When should staff receive food safety training?

  10. New employees must be trained in the critical areas of personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, safe chemical handling, and

  11. The manager's responsibility for staff food safety training is to

  12. All new staff should receive training on

  13. What is the first task in training a large group of servers to prevent contamination of food?

  14. In which training method does a trainer ask a series of questions to draw on the knowledge and experience of learners

  15. What are the steps to follow to set up the information search method?
    • 1. Put staff in small groups
    • 2. Give them question that they must answer in a set amount of time
    • 3. Give them the following type of tools to answer the questions: operations manuals, Job aids, Posters, employee guides
    • 4. Bring groups together to talk about wht they learned
  16. What are the step to doing the role-play method?
    • 1. Prepare a script that shows the right & wrong way to perform a skill
    • 2. Find two volounteers to role play. Give them time to rehearse
    • 3. Have them act out the script
    • 4. Ask the rest of the group to decide what the role-players did right or wrong
  17. What are the steps in the Demonstrations method of teaching?
    • 1. Tell
    • 2. Show
    • 3. Practice
  18. What are the steps in the jigsaw design teaching method?
    • 1. Put learners in small groups
    • 2. Assign a specific topic to each group
    • 3. Tell each group to read about it, discuss it, and decide how to teach it to the other groups
    • 4. Take one person from each group and form new groups
    • 5. Have each member in the new group teach his/her topic to the other members
    • 6. Bring the groups back together for review & questions
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