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  1. How do we secure the boats?
    Small boats are secured on their respective trailers and cinder blocks are used to be placed to secure the trailer tires.
  2. AMCROSS: What else is needed by Luis De Leon when he gets I.G. audit regarding emergency leave?
    A reference number from AMCROSS is used for recording. CO's approval is required by IG for the audit regarding emergency leave. Notification are usually done by AMCROSS Message but a phone call or email from the relatives or family maybe sufficient. The command can verify thru Red Cross or the hospital if applicable.
  3. MPO classification: Is there a place for the navy for SVCM to cooldown?
    • MPOs shall relate to matter involving the alleged abuse and may include orders:
    • - to stay away from designated person,
    • - to stay out of and away from designated areas or leave a public place if the victim and offender fin themselves in the same location,
    • - to refrain from contacting, harassing, stalking, or touching certain named persons,
    • - to do or refrain from doing certain activities,
    • - MPOs are administrative not punitive in a nature, tailored to the specific facts sorrounding the case,
    • - MPOs can be issued ex parte - after hearing one side of the story,
    • - violation of MPO is a violation of Article 92, UCMJ,
    • - MPOs are authorized by the CO
    • - BRIGG or BEQ maybe used for cooldown period.
  4. Who is the Commands Security Manager?
    CDR Cardenas
  5. What is the Emergency response for FIRE?
    • CDo notify the Federal Fire Dept. (include location, class and extent of fire, personnel injuries, CDO name, location and phone number):
    • - notify ambulance and base police if necessary,
    • - notify the CO and XO,
    • - initiate muster for the command,
    • - notify the Safety Officer,
    • - start a record of events to include times and location,
    • - standby to direct the Fire Deparment to the scene,
    • - all fires shall be reported to the Fire Department even if the fire has been successfully extinguished.
  6. How long can the CDO extend emergency leave?
    IAW ATGMPINST 7220.2A Emergency Leave, if the XO cannot be reached, the CDO has approval authority to authorize emergency leave. The CDO will determine eligibility and the number of leave days granted (the CDO will consult with the member's COC and XO).
  7. What information is required before giving out SAPR#?
    If the CDO receives a call from someone asking for the Victim Advocates number or gives indications that something has happened, but doesn't identify themselves, the report is restricted. Give them the information and take no further action. Do not press or ask for details. If the CDO receives a call and the victim identifies themselves and reports they have been sexually assualted the report will automatically be unrestricted, continue with the checklist.
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