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  1. What information should you get when taking a call concerning an incident involving a shipmate, and who you contact?
    • Names of all parties involved
    • time and place
    • officer's name
    • incident number
    • offense
  2. Who is responsible for Duty Driver runs?
    ACDO makes runs with coordination from: Ship riders: TLO
  3. Who do you contact if you have to write a sitrep?
    Scott Grenfell or Lili-Ann Say
  4. What are your responsibilities concerning boat ops?
    Boat officer contacts CDO when boat goes in and out of the water and CDO contacts Chief of Staff Officer XO
  5. When is the ensign hauled down?
  6. What is the inventory of the football/brief case?
    • Master Key
    • Phone charger
    • cell phone
    • CDO badge
    • Recall bill
    • SPINS
  7. What are the ACDO responsibilies?
    • Unlock and lock-up up of building 26
    • Morning and evening colors
    • Keep the deck log
    • Security rounds (after hours and weekends)
  8. When in doubt, who do you call?
  9. Who is the Security Manager?
    XO CDR Long
  10. Who is the personnel Security Manager?
    ISC Vaphidas
  11. Who is the EKMS Custodian?
    ITCS Stowers
  12. Who is the Information Assurance Manager?
    Scott Grenfell
  13. Who si the Classified Material Control Officer?
    STG1 Harper
  14. What room has been designated as the central location for destruction?
    Room 201 Battle Lab
  15. After working hours, who will notify the CDO for Emergency Destruction order?
    NCTAMS JFTOC Watch Officer
  16. Where are the combinations to all the security containers located?
    RM 201 SAFE 11 (STG1 Harper)
  17. What is the procedure for new personnel checking in AFTER WORKING HOURS?
    • Sign member's orders
    • check into TLA hotel
    • Contact respective Department LCPO for correct sponsor
  18. Who are the CACO?
    • Lt Ayson
    • LT Petit
    • FCC Moon
    • QMCS Bastidas
  19. Who si the DAPA?
    GSCS Dario
  20. Who is the PAO?
    HMC Hanzlik
  21. Who are the Victims Witness Assistance Program Coordinators?
    HMC Hanzlik
  22. Who is the Disaster Preparedness Officer?
    LT Kemp
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