Edu 213 Foundations of Education Vocab Ch. 2

  1. Core Beliefs
    Beliefs that include what you believe about the nature of students and the purpose of education and the role of teachers
  2. Core Values
    The values that relate to your beliefs about the nature and purpose of life; your role and calling in life; and your relationship and responsibility to others
  3. Data-Driven Instruction
    Practice of using assessment data measuring student performance to evaluate and change instructional practice so that all students succeed
  4. Philosophy of Eduction
    Beliefs about children s development and learning and the best way to teach them
  5. Praxis
    A national battery of test prepared by the educational testing service available for the initial certification of teachers. Consist of assessments in 3 areas: Academic skills, knowledge of content, and classroom performance
  6. Professional Development
    The process of growing and becoming a professional
  7. Professional Dispositions
    The values, commitments, ad ethical decisions and practices that influence behavior towards students, families, and colleagues  and members pf the profession and community
  8. Professional Learning Community
    Defined group of educational stakeholders brought together to enable teachers and others to collaborate in support of reflective practice, action research, and ongoing professional development
  9. Reflective Practice
    Active process of thinking before, during, and after teaching in order to make decisions about how to plan, assess, and teach
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Edu 213 Foundations of Education Vocab Ch. 2