GRE Words

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  1. extant
    still in existence
  2. raft
    a large number of something
  3. ambivalent
    mixed feelings, confused, uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
  4. equivocate
    to speak vaguely, usually with the intention of deceit
  5. enervate
    to sap energy from,
  6. sedulous
    diligent in application or in the pursuit of an object; constant, steady, and persevering
  7. alacrity
    eagerness, fastidiousness
  8. paucity
    lack of something
  9. prosaic
    dull, having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty
  10. laconic
    (of a person, speech, or style of writing) Using very few words
  11. erratic
    unpredictable, unstable
  12. disparate
    fundamentally different, essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.
  13. egregious
    standing out in a negative light
  14. polemic
    verbal or written argument
  15. dilatory
    intentionally delay, tardy
  16. veracity
    truthful, habitual truthfulness: "his veracity and character".
  17. pugnacious
    combative nature; eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.
  18. profuse
    abundance, bountiful, (of a person) lavish; extravagant.
  19. innocuous
    not harmful or offensive
  20. esoteric
    known only to those of specialized knowledge
  21. maintain
    to assert
  22. contrite
    to show remorse
  23. candid
    frank, honest
  24. bleak
    depressing, gloomy
  25. contentious
    quarrelsome, apt to argue
  26. auspicious
  27. stem
    To stem means to hold back or limit the flow or growth of something. You can stem bleeding, you (canattempt to) stem the tide. Do not stem the flow of vocabulary coursing through your brains. Make sureto use these words whenever you can.
  28. check
    To check something is to stop its growth (similar to stem but with more of a focus on growth than flow).If something is left unchecked, then it grows freely.
  29. checkered
    The meaning of checkered is completely unrelated to the meaning of check above– very tricky, so besure to know the difference between the two. A checkered past is one that is marked by disreputablehappenings.
  30. blinkered
    If you blink a lot you are likely to miss something. Indeed, your view would be very limited. Extendingthis meaning, we get the definition of blinkered: means to have a limited outlook or understanding.
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