GCSE Chemistry 3

  1. Write down differences between the groups in newlands periodic table and group. In the modern periodic table 
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    • Hydrogen in now on its own not in group 1
    • group 2 elements in Newlands periodic table are now group 1 elements 
    • group 8 is missing 
    • in this periodic table the group number and number of electrons in the outer most shell of the element aren't equivalent like they are the modern periodic table
  2. Suggest a reason why this part of new lands table was different prom the modern one
    • Noble gases have now been discovered 
    • the elements in the modern periodic table are ordered by proton number rather than increasing atomic mass like they were in the early periodic table
  3. Mr green is a science teacher . He shows his  
    class how lithium , sodium and potassium react with water . What safety precautions should he take
    • Use a Protective shield between him and the reaction in case the reaction is explosive
    • wear goggles because potassium produces a lilac flame 
    • only use a small mass of the reactant since the reactants are reactive
  4. What is wrong with the arrangement of Te and I in terms of their relative atomic masses
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    Te from group 6 has a larger relative atomic mass than I when group 6 elements should have a lower relative atomic mass than elements in group 7
  5. Explain why this isn't a problem in the modern periodic table
    in the modern periodic table the elements are ordered by increasing proton number so the elements are in the right order because Te has a simpler atomic number of 52 than that of I whose atomic number is 53
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