Dermatology definitions

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  1. Papule
    Small elevated solid lesion, <0.5cm
  2. Nodule
    Elevated solid lesion, >0.5cm in both width and depth.
  3. Plaque
    Elevated solid lesion >2cm but without substantial depth.
  4. Macule
    Flat area of altered colour or texture <0.5cm
  5. Large macule
    Flat area of altered colour or texture, >0.5cm
  6. Vesicle
    Fluid- filled blister <0.5cm
  7. Bulla
    Fluid-filled blister >0.5cm
  8. Pustule
    Pus-filled lesion <0.5cm
  9. Abscess
    Pus-filled lesion <0.5cm
  10. Petechiae
    Pin-head sized extravasation of blood into skin.
  11. Ecchymosis
    Extravasation of blood into skin >0.5cm
  12. Purpura
    Extravasation of blood into skin, up o 2 mm in diameter.
  13. Wheal
    Accumulation of dermal oedema.
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Dermatology definitions
Dermatology definitions
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