1. how does a squamous cell carcinoma usually look?
    like an ulcer that does not heal
  2. scc arises secondary to what 2 risks?
    • sunlight
    • immunosuppresion after organ transplantation
  3. for what skin cancer, is shave biopsy ok?
    basal cell carcinoma
  4. mohs procedure which involves removing frozen sections is done for what skin cnacer?
    basal cell carcinoma
  5. what kind of consistency does a basal cell carcinoma have?
    pearly with telangiectasias
  6. on physical examination, how does a basal cell carcinoma lookg?
    squamous cell?
    • waxy
    • pearly
    • telangiectasia

    squamous cell---- ulcer that does not heal
  7. differential for kaposi sarcoma?
    bacillary angiomatosis
  8. WHAT IS THE difference between kaposi sarcoma and bacillary angiomatosis?
    kaposi is vascular
  9. rx for kaposi?
    • treat aids
    • doxorubicin
  10. rx for condyloma acuminatum, molluscum contagiosum and acitinic keratosis?
    imiquimod--stimulates local immune response
  11. premalignant lesion to squamous cell carcinoma?
    acitinic keratosis
  12. how is acitinic keratosis treated?
    5 fu
  13. what is the cause of atopic dematitis?
    hypersensitivity type I--mast cells regranulate with histamine
  14. rx for ezcema?
    • topical steroid-- short term
    •           tacrolimus--long term
    • oral steroids
    • antihistamines-doxepine
    • antibiotics---cephalexin, mupirocin,
  15. rx for psoriasis?
    local disease
    extensive disease?
    • local disease--steroids topical
    •                     coal tar
    •                   vit a 
    •                    vit d
    •                    tacrolim topical
    • extensive disease-- 
    • tnf
    • mtx
  16. how does the rx for psoriasis differ from eczema?
    same except uv mtx, antitnf agents, coal tar, vit a and vit d are used for extensive psoriasis
  17. what is the characteritis dermatitis of pityriasis roseasaea?
    single herald patch that disseminates and looks like christmas tree
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