Parasitology Quiz 1

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  1. Final/Definitive Host
    Harbors adult, mature, or sexual stage of parasite.
  2. Intermediate Host
    Harbors larval, immature, asexual stage of parasite
  3. Paratenic/ Transport Host
    2nd host, not required for completion of life cycle.
  4. Give two examples of parasites that have an intermediate host, name the host.
    • 1.) Heartworms- mosquitos
    • 2.) Taenia tapeworms- fleas
  5. Obligatory Parasite
    Requires a host to develop.
  6. Facultative Parasite
    Most of life cycle free living
  7. Spurious/Pseudoparasite
    Parasite not normally found in host, or in host feces
  8. Damage to the host and clinical signs of the host are dependent upon:
    • Age of host
    • Health of host
    • Pathogenicity of parasite
    • Life cycle stage of parasite
    • # of adult parasites
    • duration of infection
  9. What are the three types of transmission of parasites?
    • 1.) Direct contact
    • 2.) Fomite contamination
    • 3.) Arthropod borne
  10. List examples of how parasites can be spread by direct contact.
    • Oral ingestion of infective stage
    • Sexual contact
    • Skin penetration
    • Lungs- inhaling parasite
    • In-utero
    • Physical closeness
    • Blood-borne
  11. List examples of fomites that can be sources of parasite transmission.
    Tack, food bowls, litterbox, chew toys, needles
  12. Vector
    Arthropods that trasmit infection
  13. Diagnosis of parasites is based on:
    • Clinical signs
    • Knowledge of life cycle of parasite
    • Presence of adults in vomitus or feces
    • Presence of eggs in feces
  14. Direct vs Indirect life cycles
    Direct does not require an intermediate host, indirect does.
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