AGRY 598 Week 10

  1. Types of Bio-solid disposal
    • Land application- injected, have to watch heavy metal content
    • Surface disposal- runoff/ psychological issue
    • Incineration- when land @ premium, limited use still have ash
  2. Record keeping
    • the treatment plant is responsible from pipe to land
    • have to keep all the records
    • have to keep track of pollutants
  3. Operational standards
    • hydrocarbons / carbon monoxide
    • Pathogen reduction: Class A kills everything, Class B Just some
    • Vector Attraction Reduction: Dry out
  4. Surface disposal
    • Mono fills= concentrated waste
    • Incineration- Hg in atmosphere
  5. Decreased emissions of most air pollutes but
  6. Acid Rain
    • CO2 in are forms carbonic acid = naturally acid rain
    • C02 scrubbers = lots of gypsum
  7. Pollution sources
    • Point sources- done pretty good with (but sewage)
    • Non-point- more difficult some conservation
    • Have to figure out what to do with electronics
    • how to make something out of the trash
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