Medterms 3b (Cardiovascular System)

  1. angiography
    process of recording blood vessel
  2. varicosis
    condition or increase of swollen, twisted vein
  3. pectoral
    pertaining to the chest
  4. vasospasm
    involuntary contraction of blood vessel
  5. venous
    pertaining to vein
  6. aortocoronary
    pertaining to aorta circle, crown, and coronary arteries
  7. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of vein caused by clot
  8. pericardiocentesis
    puncture around heart for aspiration
  9. vasculopathy
    condition or process of disease of blood vessel
  10. atherogenesis
    origin or production of fatty (lipid) paste
  11. stethoscope
    instrument for examining chest
  12. myocardium
    heart muscle tissue
  13. aortoplasty
    surgical repair of reconstruction of aorta
  14. venostomy
    creation of opening in vein
  15. arteriostenosis
    condition of increase in narrowing artery
  16. phlebotomy
    incision in vein
  17. cardioaortic
    pertaining to aorta and heart
  18. ventriculogram
    record of ventricle
  19. phlebitis
    inflammation of vein
  20. angioplasty
    surgical repair or reconstruction of blood vessel
  21. endovascular
    pertaining to within blood vessel
  22. cardiotoxic
    pertaining to poisoning the heart
  23. arteriogram
    record of artery
  24. atherectomy
    excision or removal of fatty (lipid) paste
  25. atherothrombosis
    condition or increase in clot of fatty (lipid) paste
  26. congenital anomalies
    malformations of the heart present at birth
  27. arteriosclerosis
    thickening, loss of elasticity and hardening of arterial walls
  28. arrhythmia, dysrhythmia
    irregularity or loss of rhythm of heartbeat
  29. cardiomyopathy
    general term for disease of heart muscle
  30. anastomosis
    joining of two blood vessels to allow flow from one to another
  31. gallop
    abnormal heart sound that mimics gait of a horse
  32. echocardiogram
    record of sound waves directed through heart to evaluate structure and function
  33. cor pulmonale
    enlargement of right ventricle, resulting from chronic disease within lungs
  34. coronary angiogram
    x-ray of blood vessels of heart made by introduction of catheter and release of contrast medium
  35. stress ECG
    ECG of heart recorded during controlled physical exercise
  36. intracardiac catheter ablation
    treatment of arrhythmia by destroying myocardial tissue at sites generating abnormal electrical pathways
  37. pector/o
  38. phleb/o
  39. angi/o
  40. cardi/o
  41. ather/o
    fatty paste
  42. coron/o
  43. sphygm/o
  44. thromb/o
  45. arteri/o
  46. ventricul/o
    belly or pouch
  47. atherosclerosis
    buildup of fat
  48. infarct
    scar left by necrosis
  49. hypotension
    low blood pressure
  50. vegetation
    growth of tissue
  51. embolus
    traveling clot that obstructs when lodged
  52. occlusion
  53. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  54. thrombus
    stationary clot
  55. constriction
  56. normotension
    normal blood pressure
  57. angina
    cramp in heart muscle
  58. claudication
    cramp in leg muscle
  59. ischemia
    loss of blood flow
  60. arteriosclerosis
    hard, nonelastic condition
  61. aneurysm
    bulging of vessel
  62. premature ventricular contraction
  63. patent ductus arteriosus
  64. arteriosclerotic heart disease
  65. implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
  66. congestive heart failure
  67. coronary artery disease
  68. hypertension
  69. mitral valve prolapse
  70. magnetic resonance angiography (of blood vessels)
  71. ventricular septal defect
  72. electrical picture of heart
  73. thrombolytic drug (tissue plasminogen activator)
  74. balloon angioplasty (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty)
  75. heart attack (myocardial infarction)
  76. clot in a vein (deep vein thrombosis)
  77. abnormal opening in atrial septum
  78. heart bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass graft)
  79. echocardiogram directed through esophagus (transesophageal ECHO)
  80. left ventricular failure (congestive heart failure)
  81. ventricle
    lower left and right chambers of heart
  82. aorta
    large artery that is main trunk of arterial system branching from left ventricle
  83. thrombus
    stationary blood clot
  84. myocardial
    pertaining to cardiac muscle tissue
  85. diastole
    to expand; period in cardiac cycle when blood enters relaxed ventricles from atria
  86. ischemia
    to hold back blood; decreased blood flow to tissue caused by constriction or occlusion of blood vessel
  87. occlusion
    plugging, obstruction or closing off
  88. infarct
    to stuff; localized area of necrosis caused by ischemia, resulting from occlusion of blood vessel
  89. aneurysm
    widening; bulging of wall of heart, aorta, or artery caused by congenital defect or acquired weakness
  90. atherosclerotic
    pertaining to buildup of fatty substances within walls of arteries
  91. angiogram
    record obtained by angiograph (x-ray of blood vessel after injection of contrast medium)
  92. defibrillation
    termination of ventricular fibrillation by delivery of electrical stimulus to heart
  93. antiarrhythmic
    drug that counteracts cardiac arrhythmia
  94. vasodilation
    opposite of vasoconstriction
  95. anticoagulant
    opposite of coagulant
  96. hypertension
    opposite of hypotension
  97. tachycardia
    opposite of bradycardia
  98. systole
    opposite of diastole
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