Science Chapter 2 Quiz - Cells

  1. Cells
    The basic structures of all living things.
  2. Cell Wall
    This completely surrounds the cell, it lets fuel in, and waste and manufactured goods out.
  3. Cell Membrane
    The thin filmlike outer layer that holds the cell together and separates it from its environment   It works like a gatekeeper allowing certain substances in and out.
  4. Cytoplasm
    A jellylike material made mostly of water. It fills the cell, and other parts of the cell float in it.
  5. Mitochondria
    They power the cell by burning fuel they get from the food we eat
  6. Chloroplasts
    • Captures the suns energy to make food.
    • Plant only
  7. Ribsome
    Produces protein for cells
  8. Vacuoles
    Stores water and waste inside the cell
  9. Nucleus
    The control center that directs all the activities of the cell.
  10. Chromosomes
    Genetic material that carries information.
  11. Lysosomes
    Protects cells by destroying harmful substances and worn-out cell parts
  12. Golgo Bodies
    The structure inside the cell that stores proteins and other chemicals until they are needed by the cell
  13. Endoplasmic Reticulum
    Takes chemicals that were packaged by the Golgi bodies and delivers them to where they are needed.  They also send waste to where it needs to go.
  14. Organ
    Goupings of different tissues combined together into one structure, i.e. heart, lungs, kidney etc
  15. Organ System
    A group of organs that work together to perform a certain task
  16. Tissue
    A group of the same kind of cells doing the same job working together.
  17. Animal Parts
    • Ribosome
    • Lysosome
    • Golgi Bodies
  18. Plant Parts
    • Cell Wall
    • Cloroplasts
  19. Animal and Plant Parts
    • Cells
    • Cytoplasm
    • Vacule
    • Nucleus
    • Chromosome
    • Endoplasmic Reticulem
    • Cell Membrane
    • Mitochondrion
    • Nucleolus
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