Emerging Europe

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  1. What was the time after Rome called
    Postclassical World
  2. What were the beliefs and what rose
    Christian beliefs and the rise of Church
  3. Who dominated northern Europe
    Germanic tribes
  4. What declined in Europe
    cities, government, and trade
  5. What were ordeals
    Germanic practices that included punishment by fire, water, etc. to determine innocence or guilt (God's will)
  6. Who united Western Europe under the Franks in the 480s
    Clovis (Great Moments of the Franks)
  7. Who did Clovis convert and to what religion
    The Franks to Christianity (Great Moment of the Franks)
  8. Who worked together in Western Europe
    Franks and the Church (Great Moments of the Franks)
  9. Who defeated Islamic forces at the Battle of Tours in 732 CE
    Charles Martel "The Hammer" (Great Moments of the Franks)
  10. What did defeating Islamic forces end
    Ended Islamic advance in western europe (Great Moment of the Franks)
  11. What was the reign of Charlemagne
    768-814 Golden age of Franks (Great Moments of the Franks)
  12. What did Charlemagne do
    • Expanded the empire unprecedented size
    • Expanded the power of the church
  13. What was Charlemagne crowned
    Holy Roman "Emperor"
  14. What did Charlemagne revive
    Classical studies and Latin
  15. What did Charlemagne open
    New monasteries and schools
  16. What was the age on invasions
    Beginning in 800 a period of invasions challenged Europe
  17. Who invaded England from continent
    Angles and Saxons (European Invaders)
  18. Where did the Vikings invade Europe from
    Scandinava-North (European Invaders)
  19. Who invaded Central Europe from the East
  20. Who dominated Western Europe from 500-800CE
    Franks (The Age of the Franks)
  21. How did the Franks expand their conquest
    Expanded through military power (The Age of the Franks)
  22. What was the political structure of Europe
  23. What is feudalism
    Political System created in response to the invasions
  24. What was feudalism a system of
    System of Defense
  25. What did the local lords of the feudal system provide
    Protection and Support
  26. What did the feudal lords demand
    Demanded allegiance (service and taxes)
  27. What did the feudal system do
    Binded people together
  28. Why were castles designed
    To protect people (Weapon of Defense)
  29. What happened to the Church authority
    Further grew after Rome (Christian Church of Europe)
  30. What did the Christian Church of Europe continue
    To use Latin as the official language (Christian Church of Europe)
  31. What is a Pope
    Bishop of Rome (leader of Church) (Christian Church of Europe)
  32. What is a Bishop
    Regional leaders of the Church (Christian Church of Europe)
  33. What is a priest and what did they do
    Local leaders- served religious and social needs of people (Christian Church of Europe)
  34. What are Monks/Nuns
    Holy people who withdrew from daily life (Christian Church of Europe)
  35. What happened to the Pope over time
    Most powerful figure in Europe (Christian Church of Europe)
  36. What was the Pope's religious status
    Above King & second to God (Christian Church of Europe)
  37. Who was the Lord
    Giver of land and protection-most powerful (Feudal Hierarchy)
  38. Who was the Greatest Lord
    King (Feudal Hierarchy)
  39. Who/What was a vassal
    Gave allegiance, military obligations, and taxation (Feudal Hierarchy)
  40. What can a peron be both of
    Vassal and Lord (Feudal Hierarchy)
  41. What is a fief
    Land given to vassal (Feudal Hierarchy)
  42. What were knights
    Professional warriors who fought for a lord (Feudal Hierarchy)
  43. What was the Manor system
    Economic Structure of Europe  
  44. What did Lords own
  45. What was a Manor
    Farming communities and land
  46. What was Europe primarly
    1000s of Manor economies
  47. What was a serf
    Poorest farmers bound to theit manors (like slaves)
  48. What did social classes become in Europe
    Became rigid (Manor System)
  49. What stagnated during the time of the Manor system
    Trade, innovation, cities, and growth
  50. What was self sufficient of the Manor System
    Could produce all needed goods in life
  51. What was the local church keeper of
    Community records, birth, death, and marriage
  52. What was the Local Church giver of
    Sacraments- Key to Salvation
  53. What was the Local Church linked to
    Everyday link to the spiritual life
  54. What were monasteries
    Communities of monks/nuns
  55. What did monasteries provide
    Provided community social and religious outreach
  56. What were monasteries keepers of
    Greco-Roman/ancient culture
  57. What did monasteries do
    Sent missionaries out to convert pagans/non believers
  58. What did a chivarly believe
    Religion, honor, women, faith
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