Emergency med

  1. what degree burn doesnt have blisgters?
    which degree burn blanches with pressure?
    • 1st degree superficial
    • but 1st degree superficial thickness has blisters

    1st blanches with pressure
  2. 3 complications of electrical burns?
    • myoglobinuria
    • arrhythmia
    • compartment

    iv fluids to prevent renal failure
  3. fluid for burn patients?
  4. when do you treat burns as an outpatient?
    1st degree burn
  5. 5 serious complications from burns?
    • hypovolemia
    • renal failure
    • sepsis
    • wound infection
    • inhalational injury
  6. difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke
    • heat exhaustion-- normal bun and creatinine
    • heat stroke--high bun and creatitine
  7. drowning in salt water or freshwater will cause pulmonary edema?
    • salt water
    • fresh water will cause hemolysis
  8. next best step in an aspiration where there isno breathing and hypoxia sets in?
  9. hypothermia ekg change?
    J wave
  10. rx for snake bites?
    rx for scorpion stings?
    • antivenin, pressure, immobilization
    • antivenin, atropine for cholingeric symptoms
  11. effects of scorpion stings?
    • acute pancreatitis
    • cholingeric symptoms--sweating, diarrhea
  12. effects of black widow spider bite, brown recluse spider bite?
    rx for each?
    black widow--abdominal cramps--calcium gluconate

    brown recluse-- local wound care
  13. what antibitoic has leukocyte inhibitory properties?
  14. antibiotic rx for cat/dog bites?
  15. when do you give tdap vs td?
    you give tdap between 18 and 65 just once, after that, td is given every 10 years
  16. if a wound is not tetanus prone, what do you give?
    if the wound is tetanus prone
    td shot if not immunized within 10 years

    td vaccine and immunoglobulin if not immunized within 5 years
  17. animal bites should be left open except where?
    on the face
  18. rx for black widow bite?
    rx for brown recluse spider bite?
    • calcium gluconate
    • muscle relaxant

    brown recluse--bite rebridement, steroids, dapsoe to prevent leukocyte migration and tissue damage
  19. when do you give n acetylcysteine?
    if more than 8 grams were ingested in less than 24 hours
  20. rx for aspirin overdose?
    alkalinization of urine
  21. rx for bb or ccb?
    • atropine
    • glucagon
    • calcium
    • insulin dextrose
  22. what kind of breath does cn poisoning give?
    almond scented
  23. rx for methemoglobin?
    methylene blue, vitamin c
  24. rx for cyanide poisoning?
    • sodium thiosulfate
    • nitrate--methemoglobin
    • hydoxycobalamin
  25. how does digoxin toxicity can be followed?
    levels of potassium
  26. when do you give digoxin antibodies?
    • cns
    • cardiac involvement
  27. best initial test for digoxin toxicity?
    most accurate test?
    • serum potassium
    • ekg

    serum digoxin level
  28. what 2 substances increase the osmolar gap?
    • ethylene glycol
    • methanol--
  29. side effects of ethylene glycol and methanol?
    • ethylene glycol--renal toxicity with calcium oxalate stones and hypocalcemia
    • methanol--retinal inflammation
  30. best initial therapy for methanol and ethylene glycol?
    most effective therapy for methanol and ethylene glycol ingestion?
    when do you do dialysis?
    • fomepizole
    • ethanol is second line

    • dialysis
    • end organ damage or severe metabolic acidosis
  31. what symptoms do snake bites produce?
    • local tissue damage
    • hemolysis, DIC
    • neurotoxin producing respiratory paralyssi
  32. rx for aspirin overdose?
    alkalinization of urine
  33. rx for sulfonylurea overdose?
  34. rx for tca overdose?
    sodium bicarbonate
  35. rx for caustic ingestion?
    when do you do srugery?

    what is contraindicated
    what must be screened for in the future?
    • flashing out with high volumes
    • endoscopy to assess damage

    surgery---perforation, mediastinits, peritoniits

    • neutralizing agents are contraindicated
    • ipecac

    squamous cell carcinoma must be screened for because of irritation
  36. rx for atropine overdose?
  37. rx for organophosphate poisoning?
    • atropine
    • pralidoxime--regenerate acetylcholinestarase
  38. rx for iron overload?
  39. what toxicity does mercury casue?
    • inhaled--pulmonary fibrosis
    • orally ingested---neurotxocity and acrodynia
  40. rx for mercury poisoning?
  41. rx for tpa overdose?
    aminocaproic acid
  42. rx for theophylline toxicity?
  43. whole bowel irrigation(golytely) is used when?
    • lithium overdose
    • body packing
    • iron ingestion
  44. most accurate diagnostic test for carboxyhemoglobin?
    serum level of carboxyhemoglobin
  45. rx for carbon monoxide poisoning?
    when is hyperbaric chamber give?
    100% oxygen

    • cns symptoms
    • cardiac symptoms
    • metabolic acidosis
  46. how are pea and asystole treated?
    the same, cpr and epi
  47. what are the only pulseless rhythms that are shocked?
    • vfib
    • vtach
  48. when should warfarin stopped before surgery?
    inr for surgery
    • 4 days
    • 7 days
    • 2 days
    • inr<1.5
  49. patient on warfarin needs surgery, what can be given in the perioperative period
  50. rx for abdominal surgery post op to reduce atelectasis?
    incentive spirometry
  51. hla is not important for what organ transplant?li
    • liver and heart
    • kidney and pancreas
  52. rx of lupus nephrits;
    • mycophenolate
    • steroids
    • cyclophosphamide
  53. contraindication for the transplant of the following?
    • smoking/pulmonary htn
    • lung--smoking, heart, renal
    • liver--alcoholism,suicide attempts
  54. which rejection is managed with immunosuppresion?
    acute--6 days to 1 year
  55. what blood product has a large source of vwf?
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