Test 2 short answer

  1. What are the 4 economic labor trends of the U.S. and their given time periods?
    • Mining and Ag: dominant until 1900
    • Manufacturing: dominant until 1950
    • The Service Era: 1980s
    • The Information/ High Tech Era: present
  2. What are the 9 land regions of Canada?
    • Arctic Coastal Plain
    • Arctic Islands
    • Wester Mountain region
    • Westen Interior Plains
    • Canadian Shield
    • Hudson Bay Lowlands
    • Great Lakes Lowlands
    • St. Lawrence
    • Appalachian Region
  3. What are the 5 problems of the U.S.?
    • Post Industrialism
    • Poverty
    • Illegal immigrants
    • Age (strain on healthcare/economics/etc because of the baby boomers retiring)
    • Debt (approaching 17 trillion)
  4. What are the 4 problems of New Zealand?
    • Isolation-distance to markets-small pop base
    • Still must import several products
    • Young people are leaving because of high taxes
    • Legal problems with the Maoris (their pop is growing)
  5. What are the 8 problems of Japan?
    • Disputed Islands with Russia
    • Family Breakdown: young people want more privacy. self-determination. most school children still wear uniforms
    • High teenĀ suicide Rate
    • Pollution and other Urban problems
    • Crowded population despite the low birth rate
    • An aging nation and shortage of labor
    • Have to depend on other countries for imports
    • Competition from other countries- neg reaction from U.S. in 1990s
  6. What are the 4 problems of Australia?
    • Industry processing is weak
    • Small local markets
    • Long distance to many markets
    • Legal problems with aboriginals
  7. What are the 4 State areas of the Ozarks?
    • S. Mo
    • NW Ar
    • E Ok
    • SE Ks
  8. What are the 5 areas of economics in the Ozarks?
    • Grain farming
    • Dairy farming
    • Beef cattle
    • Forestry
    • Lead mining
  9. What are the 3 areas of industry in the Ozarks?
    • Tourism
    • MedicalĀ 
    • Farming
  10. What is the core area of the Ozarks?
    Springfield - Branson
  11. What are the 3 problems of the Ozarks?
    • Poverty
    • Marijuana
    • Meth
  12. Describe the Appalachian area in the Ozarks.
    the physical geography and culture are much like this area since many of the people came form there (hills, language, music, etc.)
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