Lots of Spanish Idioms

  1. To be sick, broke
    Andar Mal
  2. To Earn One's Living
    Ganarse la Vida
  3. To Pay Cash
    Pagar al Contado
  4. To Make a Good Impression
    Caerle Bien (Mal) a Alguien
  5. To Drop Dead
    Caerse Muerto
  6. To Change One's Mind
    Cambiar de Idea
  7. To Rely On
    Contar con
  8. To be Difficult for Someone
    Costarle Trabajo
  9. To be Due to
    Deberse a
  10. To Talk Nonesense
    Decir Disparates
  11. To Drop
    Dejar Caer
  12. To Sleep Like a Dog
    Dormir a Pierna Suelta
  13. To Carry Out
    Llevar a Cabo
  14. To Hold One's Interest
    Mantener el Interes
  15. To Call the Roll
    Pasar Lista
  16. To Borrow
    Pedir Prestado
  17. To Agree
    Ponerse de Acuerdo
  18. To Behave
    Portarse Bien
  19. To Misbehave
    Portarse Mal
  20. To Pay Attention
    Prestar Atencion
  21. To Pull Someone's Leg
    Tomarle el Pelo a Alguien
  22. To Go Crazy
    Volverse Loco
  23. To be Worthwhile
    Valer la Pena
  24. tener ganas de
    to feel like doing something
  25. to be successful
    tener exito
  26. hacer caso de
    to pay attention to
  27. hacer falta
    to be lacking
  28. hacerle falta
    to need
  29. hacer el favor de
    please + infinitive
  30. hacer el papel de
    to play the role of
  31. hacer pedazos
    to tear (to shreds)
  32. hacer una broma
    to play a joke
  33. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  34. hacer una visita
    to pay a visit
  35. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  36. hacerse
    to become (through effort)
  37. hacerse tarde
    to become (grow) late
  38. hacer dano
    to harm
  39. hacerse dano
    to hurt oneself
  40. no servir para nada
    to be good for nothing
  41. Pasarlo bien
    to have a good time
  42. Perder el tiempo
    to waste one's time
  43. querer decir
    to mean
  44. saber a
    to taste like
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