Sociology Test

  1. An action like killing someone may not necessarily be deviant or criminal depending on the situation
  2. Participant observation is an example of QUANTITATIVE research
  3. In England, When Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles will become King. This is an example of achieved status
  4. The theoretical perspective that focuses on society being shaped by economic rationality and by the relationship between different classes in society is:
    conflict perspective
  5. The theoretical perspective that would see socialization of the rich as passing on their privilege to their children effectively excluding other people from gaining that privilege, is:
    Conflict perspective
  6. The concept used to describe how a researcher is using the correct unit of analysis for its research, or is studying the correct thing that needs to e studied
  7. A researcher lives with a remote tribe for a year to find out how they live. This is an example of
    qualitative research
  8. A researcher wants to know how man people in the whole of America consider themselves religious. The researcher would do best to employ which method of research?
  9. A country caleld Diamondland has people of different races and different cultures living together. No race or culture is privileged and ever is treated as equal. This would reflect:
  10. Because of pop music from America that goes overseas, some countries stop producing their ow local music. Music tastes all over the world become like those in America. This would be an example of:
    cultural leveling
  11. A person talking loudly on the streets and attracting attention would be an example of a:
  12. In a jail environment, an inexperienced inmate learning how to survive in prison from an experienced inmate wold be an example of:
    informal socialization
  13. A new prisoner is striped of their street clothes and given prison jumpers. All of their personal belongings are taken from them. They are also made to shave bald like the rest of the prisoners. this is an example of:
    status degradation
  14. A male accidentally enters a female restroom. The fact that the man's name is irrelevant to the situation demonstrates:
    his sex as a manifest status
  15. The idea of Verstehen is most closely associated with which theoretical perspective?
    interactionist theory
  16. When a worker feels something is wrong with a project, but refuses to speak up about it for a fear of being negatively sanctioned by his boss and the rest of the project team because everyone wants the project to go forward, it is an example of:
  17. Which their looks at how someone is more likely to e deviant because their primary groups are deviant?
    Differential association theory
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