1. The best rate of descent in an autorotation is
    58 MPH
  2. A turbocharger or wastegate failure will be evident by
    Loss of manifold pressure.
  3. If the fuel boost warning light comes on, you should
    Land as soon as practical with a power on approach
  4. What are the indications of an engine failure
    Left Yaw and drop in engine and main rotor RPM
  5. If a total loss of oil pressure is accompanied by a rise in oil temperature, this is a good indication that
    Engine failure is imminent
  6. The maximum gross weight of the F-28f is
    2600 lbs
  7. What is the maximum allowable rotor RPM, power off
    385 RPM
  8. What is the maximum allowable rotor RPM, power on
    351 RPM
  9. What is the maximum allowable engine operating RPM
    3050 RPM
  10. What is the minimum allowable rotor RPM power on
    334 RPM
  11. What is the maximum allowable manifold pressure from sea level to 12000 ft
    39.0 in. Hg.
  12. The proper procedure to enter autorotation after an engine failure is to
    Collective full down, throttle to flight idle, and trim the helicopter with right pedal
  13. Complete loss of tail rotor thrust at a hover will result in
    Rapid helicopter rotation to the right
  14. The maximum approved operating density altitude at 2350lbs is
    12000 ft
  15. If fire, smoke, or the odor of smoke is detected in flight you should
    Land immediately using power on approach
  16. What type engine do you have
    • Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD
    • 4 cylinder
    • air cooled
  17. What is the maximum allowable Exhaust Gas temperature (EGT/TIT)
    1650 degrees F
  18. Hovering in ground effect (IGE) above 10,000 ft density altitude (DA) is limited to
    5 minutes
  19. The manifold pressure overboost light illuminates at
    39 in. manifold pressure
  20. Maximum weight allowed in the baggage compartment is
    108 lbs
  21. Aerobatic maneuvers are
    not permitted
  22. The longitudinal datum is located how far forward of the center line of the main rotor head
    100 inches
  23. What is the main rotor diameter
    32 feet
  24. What is the landing gear tread (width)
    7' 4"
  25. How many gross weight envelopes apply to the Enstrom F series helicopters
    4 (A,B,C,and D)
  26. What is the fuel capacity
    42 Gallons
  27. What is the usable fuel
    40 Gallons
  28. How much fuel is unusable
    2 gallons
  29. What forms in section 6 of the operators manual should be checked for actual weight and balance of the aircraft to be flown
    • F-165A
    • F-168A
  30. Starting with the helicopter clutch engaged will not damage the rotor system but will
    severely overload the starter motor
  31. Before starting the engine, the fuel valve should be
    ON (in)
  32. Excessive throttle opening on starting will result in
    an engine over speed which produces severe engine damage
  33. If the engine fails to start within __ to __ seconds, release the starter button, prime the engine and continue with engine starting procedures using steps F through K in the operators manual
    2 to 3 seconds
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