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  1. What is day VFR fuel reserve.
    § 91.151   Fuel requirements for flight in VFR conditionsNo person may begin a flight in a rotorcraft under VFR conditions unless (considering wind and forecast weather conditions) there is enough fuel to fly to the first point of intended landing and, assuming normal cruising speed, to fly after that for at least 20 minutes.
  2. What are the weather minimums to fly Special VFR
    • § 91.157   Special VFR weather minimumsThis part allows helicopters to fly SVFR even when flight visibility is below 1 statute mile when required for other aircraft. 
    • (b) Special VFR operations may only be conducted--
    • (1) With an ATC clearance;
    • (2) Clear of clouds;
    • (3) Except for helicopters, when flight visibility is at least 1 statute mile;
  3. Can you get a special at night in a VFR only certified helicopter?
    • YES!
    • Helicopters can get a special at night without the pilot or aircraft being instrument rated.
    • (4) Except for helicopters, between sunrise and sunset (or in Alaska, when the sun is 6 degrees or more below the horizon) unless--(i) The person being granted the ATC clearance meets the applicable requirements for instrument flight under part 61 of this chapter; and(ii) The aircraft is equipped as required in Sec. 91.205(d).(c) No person may take off or land an aircraft (other than a helicopter) under special VFR--
    • (1) Unless ground visibility is at least 1 statute mile; or
    • (2) If ground visibility is not reported, unless flight visibility is at least 1 statute mile.
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