Wordly Wise Lesson 12

  1. adversity
    n. Misfortune; hardship.
  2. cardinal
    adj. Most important; chief.
  3. credible
    adj. Believable; reliable.
  4. credibility
  5. empathize
    v. To show or feel understanding of another’s feelings or problems.
  6. empathy
  7. faculty
    • n. 1. Any of the natural powers of the mind and body, such as sight or hearing.
    • 2. An inborn ability; a knack.
    • 3. All the teachers of a school.
  8. harrowing
    adj. Very distressing or acutely painful.
  9. impair
    v. To damage, weaken, or lessen.
  10. infer
    v. To reach a conclusion through reasoning.
  11. inference
  12. intuition
    n. Knowing or sensing something without the use of reason; an insight.
  13. intuitive
  14. manifest
    • adj. Plain to see; evident.
    • v. To make clear; to reveal.
  15. nuance
    n. A very slight change in feeling or meaning; a gradation.
  16. pernicious
    adj. Very destructive or harmful.
  17. solace
    n. Comfort or relief in sorrow or distress; consolation.
  18. treatise
    n. A methodically and thoroughly written discussion of a topic.
  19. vogue
    n. The popular fashion of the time, wide acceptance or favor.
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