Art Appreciation

  1. Latin for room
  2. Light passing through a pin hole into a dark room will create an upside down image of the world outside.

    Practical device to make use of this ability.
    Camera Obscura
  3. record forms
  4. Captured an image on a pewter plate in 1926.

    Heliograph (sunwriting)

    First photograph
    Joseph Nicephore Niepce
  5. In 1837 captured the first clear image in his studio.

    Le boulevard du temple
    Louis Daguerre
  6. Use of a copper plate coated with silver iodide as a light sensitive surface
  7. Became very popular as a result of the Daguerreotype.
  8. Juliet Margaret Cameron
  9. Matthew Brady

    Lincoln photographed

    Brady and the cooper union speech made me president
  10. Landscape Photographer

    Most famous american 20th century landscape photographer.

    Known for capturing american west, national park landscapes

    Anzel Adams
  11. In 1888 american invented camera called kodak
    light weight
    reduced exposure time
    film of 100 shots
    George Easner
  12. 1910 crow camp photo
    Richard throssel
  13. produced by dorethea lange in 1936

    Photo Journalism

    Depicts The Great depression

    Photographs subsidized to tell story
    Migrant Mother
  14. Used 800 rolls of film to produce a book called the americans

    Trolley New orleans

    Open windows/ framed images of passengers
    Robert Frank
  15. Taken by Henry Robertson

    Young beautiful girl on death bed.

    Actors posed for photograph
    Fading Away
  16. Taken by alfred stieglitz

    Lower classes boarding a ship
    The steerage
  17. Established gallery in 1995

    Georgia Okeefe
    Robert Steiglitz
  18. Produced in 1919 by Hannah Hoch
    Darda Movement
  19. Manray

    Not photography

    Objects left on light sensitive paper left a shadow

    No cameral
  20. Makes images of herself

    Plays with notioons of stereotypes
    Cindy Sherman
  21. Exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe

    Court case arose from his photos called the exportfolio

    Photographs considered obscene

    Jury found not guilty
  22. Merged negatives

    Hotel in shanghai

    named shanghai

    Andreas Gursky
  23. Eadweard Muybridge

    Horses feet in air

    lumineer brothers

    train moving
    Motion photography
  24. very famous surrealist painter

    emphasized dreams fantasy
    Salvadore darly
  25. very famous pop artist

    studio - the factory

    produced film of empire state building

    watching time pass
    andy warhol
  26. Directors who develop their own style

    Maximum control of films production

    Individual recognized style of film

    French for author
  27. Nam June Paik

    Closed circuit video Installation


    Viewers video taped and played as viewing installation
    TV buddah
  28. Used video


    stab, climb out, wipes away face
    Peter Campus
  29. Screening Circle

    Internet view only
    Andy Deck
  30. All art has to do with...
  31. Concentrates on a specific message for a specific group of people
    Graphic Design
  32. 2 Things helped graphic design
    1. Printing Press helped standardize it

    2. Industrial Revolution (Machines) Company makrketing themselves
  33. Convey information or embody ideas
  34. male light
    female dark
    yin yang
  35. symbol of racial hatred now

    actually means goodluck

    ancient used in india asia 3000 b.c.

    associated with buddhism
  36. job  is to design visual symbols
    graphic designer
  37. trademarks

    part of a corporate identity

    clear recognizeable

    paul rand developed original
  38. artist hoax

    if logo wasnt impact
    nike swoosh
  39. refers to the appearance and arrangement of letters
  40. a style of type
  41. refers to how text, images, margins would be laid out in books, etc..
  42. development of color lithography a result

    moulin rouge
    color posters
  43. grafiti archeology

    mtion and interactivity
    cassidy curtis
  44. text from book on screen

    play on words
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