Physio: Muscular System

  1. what's a fascia?
    connective tissue
  2. what binds muscles to bone?
  3. Epimysium
    layer of connective tissur that closely surrounds a skeletal muscle.
  4. perimysium
    other layers of connective tissue that extend inward from the epimysium and separate the muscle tissure into small compartments.
  5. picture the arrow diagram for muscle and recite it.
    Muscle -> fascicle -> Muscle fibers (cells) -> myofibril -> myofilaments -> sacromeres
  6. The sacromere has thick and thin filaments called...?
    • thick: myosin 
    • thin: actin
  7. what's the sliding filament theory?
    actin "slides" over myosin filaments.
  8. what's the sequence of a muscle twitch?
    • 1. stimulation
    • 2. latent period
    • 3. contraction period
    • 4. relaxation period.
  9. 1st class lever
    effort (muscle) - fulcrum (joint) - ressistance (weight) 

    picture flexing the neck
  10. 2nd class lever
    effort - resistance- fulcrum 

    picture lifting a wheelbarrow
  11. 3rd class lever
    fulcrum - effort - resistance 

    picture lifting weight.
  12. write the equation that explains where the energy comes from for making ATP.
    C6H12O6 + 6O2 -> 6CO2+6H2O + ATP
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Physio: Muscular System
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