SAT Vocabulary List 4

  1. intracable
    adj. unruly; stubborn; unyielding
  2. agility
    n. nimbleness
  3. swathe
    v. wrap around; bandage
  4. fracas
    n. brawl; melee
  5. aggressor
    n. attacker
  6. sham
    v. pretend
  7. disparage
    v. belittle
  8. insubordination
    n. disobedience; rebelliousness
  9. invasive
    adj. tending to spread aggressively; intrusive
  10. filibuster
    v. to block legislation by making long speeches
  11. prurient
    adj. having or causing lustful thoughts and desires
  12. fathom
    v. comprehend; investigate
  13. delude
    v. decieve
  14. abash
    v. embarrass
  15. waylay
    v. ambush; lie in wait
  16. dermatologist
    n. one who studies the skin and its diseases
  17. salubrious
    adj. healthful
  18. discomposure
    n. agitation; loss of pride
  19. languor
    n. lassitude
  20. machinations
    n. evil schemes or plots
  21. scintillate
    v. sparkle; flash
  22. resonant
    adj. echoing; resounding; deep and full in sound
  23. colossal
    adj. huge
  24. conundrum
    n. riddle
  25. promontory
    n. headland
  26. squalor
    n. filth; degradation; dirty, neglected state
  27. distill
    v. extract the essence; purify; refine
  28. predecessor
    n. former occupant of a post
  29. aggregate
    v. gather; accumulate
  30. memento
    n. token; reminder
  31. unanimity
    n. complete agreement
  32. traduce
    v. expose to slander
  33. stratify
    v. divide into classes; be arranged into strata
  34. offensive
    adj. attacking; insulting; distasteful
  35. ostentatious
    adj. showy; pretentious; trying to attract attention
  36. gnarled
    adj. twisted
  37. figment
    n. invention; imaginary thing
  38. equestrian
    n. / adj. rider on horseback
  39. blasphemy
    n. irreverence; sacrilege; cursing
  40. mode
    n. prevailing style; manner; way of doing something
  41. shimmer
    v. glimmer intermittently
  42. adapt
    v. alter; modify
  43. cleave
    v. split or sever; cling to; remain faithful to
  44. odyssey
    n. long, eventful journey
  45. palliate
    v. lessen the violence of (a disaster); alleviate; moderate intensity; gloss over with excuses
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