Ch 18 govt test

  1. The court that first hears a case is said to have:
    c. original jurisdiction
  2. The list of cases to be heard by a court is called a:
    d. docket
  3. Which of the following federal courts exercises both original and appellate jurisdiction?
    a. the Supreme Court
  4. Most importantly, the Supreme Court is called the High Court because it is the:
    d. last court in which federal questions can be decided
  5. The term of office for constitutional court judges is determined by:
    a. the constitution
  6. Which of the following are all special courts?
    a. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Tax Court
  7. Which of the following statements about federal judges is TRUE?
    c. they are appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate
  8. The Supreme Court’s decision in “Marbury V. Madison”
    c. established the court’s power of judicial review
  9. A living legacy left behind by a former president is(are):
    b. the judges he has appointed and who continue to serve
  10. The Supreme Court adheres closely to the 30-minute oral argument rule mostly because:
    both a and b(their case load is so heavy and they must give each side the same amount of time to present their case
  11. Dissenting opinions accomplish all of the following EXCEPT:
    c. providing a precedent to be followed by the lower courts
  12. The majority of the cases heard in the United States each year are heard in:
    b. State Courts
  13. Special Courts are created by:
    a. Congress
  14. Which of the following does NOT have a significant impact on appointments of federal judges? :
    d. the current members of the Supreme Court
  15. Cases that can be heard either in federal or state courts have:
    c. concurrent jurisdiction
  16. 1. The _____ initiates a suit
  17. The party against whom a suit is brought is:
    b. defendant
  18. Federal judges are appointed by:
    c. the president
  19. The majority opinion of a Supreme Court case is:
    a. the decision made on a case by the court
  20. A court martial is a court which hears cases involving:
    b. military personnel
  21. There are ___ justices on the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.
  22. There are ___ justices on the Nebraska State Supreme Court
  23. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims handles:
    a. citizens wishing redress from the government
  24. The U.S. Supreme Court has which type of jurisdiction? :
    c. appellate and original jurisdiction
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