Chapter 9

  1. Aftermath of Nero’s suicide, Roman world was
    again into civil war
  2. The victor, ___, founded a new dynasty, and the ____ ruled the Roman Empire for quarter century
    Vespasian, Flavians
  3. Vespasian used art and architecture to present himself as...
    anti-Nero, who was a man of traditional values
  4. His portraits revived the veristic imagery of the Republic, depicting him as...
    older man with deep lines and a balding head
  5. Flavians built...
    Colosseum, Bath of Titus, Temple of Peace, Arch of Titus, and Forum Transitorium
  6. During Domitian’s principate...
    emperor began to appear in narrative art intermingling with the gods
  7. Galba
    depicted in portraits as older man, tough look that invoked values of Roman Republic
  8. Vitellius
    depicted in statues as commander of army
  9. Titus
    depicted as man 40 years and slightly resembling his father, as intended
  10. Flavian Women
    preferred to be represented as young and beautiful, portrait notable for elegance and the sculptor rendered different textures of hair and flesh
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