Chapter 8

  1. First Julio-Claudian emperor, Tiberius, adhered closely to ____ style in art and directions
  2. Nero’s latest portraits are noteworthy for...
    • their sensuousness and realistic depiction of
    • textures of flesh and hair
  3. Under Nero, __ Style was also introduced in mural painting
  4. Tiberius’s Portraits
    closely modeled on those of Augustus, unmistakably depict a member of same imperial family
  5. Double Suovetaurilia
    style of relief is similar to that of imperial procession of Ara Pacis
  6. Boscoreale Cups
    depicting Augustus suggests that they were more likely manufactured after his death

    second cup depicts Augustus on one of his military campaigns
  7. Caligula’s Portraits
    represent him as a young man

    none give a hint of his reputed mental instability
  8. Agrippina the Elder
    characteristic example of preservation place portrait in class, perfectly proportioned girlish face, even though older
  9. Claudius as Jupiter
    earliest portraits depicted him as youth

    best portraits of him in guise of Jupiter with god’s eagle
  10. Agrippina the Younger
    portrayed as young women with elaborate coiffure of curls
  11. Porta Maggiore
    example of Roman rustication (rough and unfinished masonry)
  12. Fourth Style
    architecture became another motif in Roman painter’s ornamental repertoire

    reveal a renewed taste for illusionism
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