Chapter 6

  1. Personal taste usually dictated the form these tombs took, especially in case of monuments of unusual or unique designs, like...
    Mausoleum of Augustus, Pyramid of Cestius, and tomb of bake Eurysaces
  2. Freed slaves often used their tombs to...
    advertise their new status in society through inscriptions describing themselves as “liberti” and dressed in toga that only free citizens could wear
  3. Family portraits on their tombs presented...
    deceased to posterity in a way reminiscent of parade of ancestor makes at funerals of old aristocratic families
  4. Pyramid of Cestius
    earliest examples of Third Style of Roman painting
  5. Tomb of Eurysaces
    a former slave, built in his own honor of his wife
  6. Via Statilia Relief
    double portrait of married couple, projected message about the bonds of marriage not broken by default
  7. Relief of the Servilii
    depicts 3 members of same freedman family, commemorates progress of Servilius family from slave to freedom to freeborn citizen
  8. Relief of the Gessil
    depicts the living and the dead side by side
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