Chapter 5

  1. Augustus using coinage to...
    communicate his right to rule in words and pictures
  2. With establishment of Augustan principate, Roman art entered new era in which...
    state’s vast resources were marshaled to promote the political ideology and artistic tastes of a single all-powerful ruler
  3. Eternal Youth
    Roman portraits sculptors were called on to record the likenesses of a youthful head of state
  4. Livia
    portrait shows that imperial women of Augustan age shared emperor’s eternal youthfulness
  5. Dynastic Portraiture
    purpose to create impression of ruling family that was descended from the gods
  6. Ara Pacis
    monument celebrating Augustan return

    another Augustan allusion to Periclean Athens
  7. Villa of Livia, Primaporta
    Ultimate example of Second Style illusionism on the walls
  8. Third Style
    artists no longer attempted to replace walls of room with three-dimensional worlds of their own creation, decorated walls with linear fantasies sketches on monochromatic backgrounds
  9. Augustus’s portraits depict him as
    eternally youthful divine being, consistent with his self-identification as the son of a god
  10. Augustus was also a great builder who transformed Rome into
    marble city on par with Athens during Golden Age of Pericles
  11. He remodeled the Forum Romanum
    the temple in honor of this deified father Julius Caesar- and erected a new gateway to civic center that celebrated his Parthian victory
  12. Augustan age also saw passage from...
    Second and Third Style in mural painting
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