Chapter 1

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  1. Romulus founded Rome on...
    Palatine Hill in 735 BCE
  2. New city was overshadowed by other more advanced civilizations in Italy, especially by...
    Greeks and Etruscans
  3. During 6th Century when Etruscans kings ruled Rome...
    Etruscan style temple was formed on Capitoline Hill in honor of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva
  4. As Roman expanded their territory, there was a change in...
    Roman architecture
  5. There was a mixture of Etruscan and Greek features to produce diverse designs like...
    the pseudoperipteral temple and the tholos with staircase only at front
  6. Roman temples were built of...
  7. 2nd Century BC, Romans began to construct _____ using _____, a new medium that would permit Roman builders to revolutionize history of architecture
    warehouses, market halls, and sanctuaries

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