SAT Vocabulary List 3

  1. converse
    v. chat; talk informally
  2. docile
    adj. obedient; easily managed
  3. intrepid
    adj. fearless
  4. despot
    n. tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler
  5. incidental
    adj. not essential; minor
  6. abut
    v. to border upon; adjoin
  7. apolitical
    adj. having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs
  8. shambles
    n. wreak; mess
  9. comely
    adj. attractive; agreeable
  10. pedagogy
    n. teaching; art of education
  11. stanza
    n. division of a poem
  12. defer
    v. give in respectfully; submit; delay
  13. lexicon
    n. dictionary
  14. impecunious
    adj. having little or no money
  15. enthral
    v. capture; enslave
  16. bane
    n. cause of ruin; curse
  17. slight
    n. to insult one's dignity; snub
  18. limpid
    adj. clear
  19. declivity
    n. downward slope
  20. blighted
    adj. suffering from a disease
  21. bumptious
    adj. self-assertive
  22. malicious
    adj. hateful; spiteful
  23. perfidious
    adj. treacherous; disloyal
  24. carnivorous
    adj. meat-eating
  25. debilitate
    v. weaken; enfeeble
  26. arable
    adj. fit for growing crops
  27. execute
    v. put into effect; carry out
  28. apprise
    v. inform or tell
  29. winnow
    v. sift; separate good parts from bad
  30. virtue
    n. goodness, moral excellence; good quality
  31. diversion
    n. act of turning aside; pastime
  32. incisive
    adj. cutting; sharp
  33. quiver
    • n. case fo arrows
    • v. tremble
  34. wan
    adj. having a pale or sickly colour; pallid
  35. noxious
    adj. harmful
  36. herbivorous
    adj. grain-eating
  37. irrevocable
    adj. unalterable; irreversible
  38. pigment
    n. colouring matter
  39. inclement
    adj. stormy; unkind
  40. predator
    n. creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others
  41. betoken
    v. signify; indicate
  42. hostility
    n. unfriendliness; hatred
  43. retroactive
    adj. of a law that dates back to a period before its enactment
  44. mite
    n. very small object or creature; small coin
  45. jargon
    n. language used by a special group; technical terminology; gibberish
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SAT Vocabulary List 3
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