SAT Vocabulary List 2

  1. implore
    v. beg
  2. quibble
    n. / v. minor objection or complaint
  3. clamber
    v. climb by crawling
  4. acrid
    adj. sharp; bitterly pungent
  5. chameleon
    n. lizard that changes colour in different situations
  6. ravenous
    adj. extremely hungry
  7. clench
    v. close tightly; grasp
  8. sarcasm
    n. scornful remarks; stinging rebuke
  9. replete
    adj. filled to the brim, or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied
  10. ascribe
    v. refer; attribute; assign
  11. psyche
    n. soul; mind
  12. grandiloquent
    adj. pompous; bombastic; using high-sounding language
  13. travail
    n. painful labour
  14. slander
    n. defamation; utterance of false and malicious statements
  15. cosmic
    adj. pertaining to the universe; vast
  16. calamity
    n. disaster; misery
  17. husband
    v. use sparingly; conserve; save
  18. premeditate
    v. plan in advance
  19. bucolic
    adj. ructic; pastoral
  20. gainsay
    v. deny
  21. pusillanimous
    adj. cowardly; fainthearted
  22. ambidextrous
    adj. capable of using either hand with equal ease
  23. expertise
    n. specialized knowledge; expert skill
  24. leery
    adj. suspicious; cautious
  25. callow
    adj. youthful; immature; inexperienced
  26. cardinal
    adj. chief
  27. vital
    adj. vibrant and lively; critical or crucial; breathing
  28. inane
    adj. silly; senseless
  29. urbane
    adj. suave; refined; elegant
  30. acknowledge
    v. recognize; admit
  31. ignoble
    adj. of lowly origin; unworthy
  32. pantomime
    n. acting without dialogue
  33. prattle
    v. babble
  34. inexorable
    adj. relentless; unyielding; implacable
  35. blurt
    v. utter impulsively
  36. jubilation
    n. rejoicing
  37. penury
    n. severe poverty
  38. insurmountable
    adj. overwhelming; unbeatable; insuperable
  39. censorious
    adj. critical
  40. impregnable
    adj. vulnerable
  41. acclaim
    v. applaud; announce with great approval
  42. concerted
    adj. mutually agreed on, done together
  43. finale
    n. conclusion
  44. unmitigated
    adj. unrelieved or immoderate; absolute
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