1. why did families move west?
    lack of jobs and opportunities
  2. what bulletin did Donner post in the Springfield Gazette?
    "Westward Ho!"
  3. what were the 2 groups that left springfield for independence, missouri
    Donners and the Reeds
  4. why werent they worried?
    because they would follow a new route over the mountains that is able to cut 3-4 hundreds of miles from their trip
  5. who told them about the route?
    Lansford Hastings
  6. Donners left independence, but what made the travel hard and slow? how many miles would they travel a day?
    thunderstorms soaking the trail. 2 miles
  7. who warned Reed to take the old route?
    James Clyman
  8. how many wagons joined Reed into the new path?
  9. how far beind were the reeds after turning back?
    a month
  10. how long did it take to cross the desert?
    5 days
  11. the diversion cost them how many extra miles?
  12. what were the pioneers wrong about?
    the summit being blocked
  13. how big were the snowdrifts? and how mand days were they late?
    20ft, one day
  14. over the next 4 months, how many people were remaining?
  15. what did the 5 women, 9 men and aa 12 year old boy call themselves?
    The Forlorn Hope
  16. what was the game thing they played to save their llives?
    they made draw lots and the loser would sacrifise his life to save the others.
  17. who lost but didnt get killed?
    Patrick Dolan
  18. 10 members of the Forlorn Hope did what?
    butchered their dead relatives so that others wouldnt eat them.
  19. how many survivors did the rescue team find on the camp?
  20. what did the survivors that were doing cannibalism look like to the rescuers?
    the looked more like demons than human beings.
  21. how many people had died?
  22. what were frisbees made of in the 1800s
    buffalo dung
  23. what were buffal chips used for?
    they burned for fuel
  24. those in the middle of the desert would pay how much for a drink of water?
  25. how much could bacon be purchased for?
    a penny a pound
  26. liquor was ___ on supply. so the prices for it were high.
  27. how did the war start?
    a pioneer's cow wandered off
  28. where did pioneer go to tell about the coe?
    Lt. Grattan
  29. what did the chief of the Sioux offer in exchange for the cow they ate?
    a horse
  30. what was grattan's response? then what did the Sioux do?
    he shot and killed the chief. fight back.
  31. how many people die?
  32. how long did this last?
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