govt chapter 10

  1. True or false, A term is the length of time between elections in congress.
  2. True or false, Neither house of congress may end a session without the consent of the other.
  3. True or false, The President may not call the Congress into session
  4. Why is congress at the heart of the most basic governmental function of our democratic system?

    C) Because the congress makes the nation’s laws
  5. Which of the following is the main reason that the President rarely has to call Congress in special sessions?

    B) Congress now meets nearly year-round anyway
  6. Special sessions of Congress

    D) Are called by the President to deal with some emergency situations
  7. When qualification for House members in NOT in the Constitution?

    B) Must live in the district being represented
  8. 8- Which statement about the senate is true?
    a) It has two members from each State
    b) Its members are chosen by State legislatures
    d) Seats are apportioned among the States according to their populations
    a) It has two members from each State
  9. Which fact disqualifies a person from representing Utah in the Senate?

    D) The Candidate has been a citizen for 8 years
  10. Compensation for senators is

    C) The same as for representatives
  11. The regular period of time during which Congress conducts its business is called a

    D) Session
  12. The number of Senate seats held by each Sate is

    D) Fixed by the constitution
  13. Few members of Congress today

    C) Are minorities
  14. Members of Congress fill all of the following except that of

    C) Cabinet member
  15. Which of the following is true of the House of Representatives?

    C) Every State is represented by at least one member
  16. Which of the following is requited of candidates for the House of Representatives due to longstanding custom?

    B) Must be an inhabitant of the State from which he or she is elected
  17. On the average, which group of people occupy the majority of seats in Congress?

    C) White, middle aged men
  18. When must congressional elections be held?

    D) The Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each even numbered year
  19. Which statement about congressional district is true?

    B) They are function as voting districts within each State
  20. Senators are elected to serve

    D) six year term
  21. Which of the following is a qualification for senators?

    A) Must have been a citizen for at least 9 years
  22. Before the 17th Amendment was adopted, senators were chosen by

    B) The State legislatures
  23. All of the following are differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate EXCEPT

    B) Size of constituency
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