success ch.1

  1. Global Marketplace
    An interconnected marketplace, where companies do business without regard to time zones and boundaries from all over the world compete directly for business.
  2. Inert Intelligence
    Passive recall and analysis of learned information rather than goal-directed thinking linked to real-world activities.
  3. Syllabus
    A comprehensive outline of course topics and assignments.
  4. Persistence
    The act of continuing steadfastly in a course of action, even in the face of obstacles or challenges.
  5. Motivation
    A goal-directed force that moves a person to action.
  6. Self-Esteem
    Belief in one's value as a person that builds as you achieve your goals.
  7. Academic Integrity
    Following a code of moral values, prizing honesty and fairness in all aspects of academic life-classes, assignments, tests, papers, projects, and relationships with students and faculty.
  8. Emotional Intelligence
    The ability to perceive, assess, and manage one's own emotions as well as understand the emotions of others.
  9. Social Intelligence
    Having an understanding of the complexity of social interaction and using that understanding to manage relationships effectively.
  10. Lifelong Learners
    Individuals who continue to build knowledge and skills as a mechanism for improving their lives and careers.
  11. Diversity
    Differences among people.
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